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The English Study
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Ref. Library

The English Study

Welcome to the English Study. Here you can develop your interests, your knowledge and your skills in English.

Among the resources you have at your disposal are:

A complete reference library
Complete works of literature to develop your reading skills
Reference information on authors, poets, dramatists and their work
Encyclopedias for researching discursive essays and expanding your knowledge
National daily and Sunday newspapers
A Dictionary and a Thesaurus to help you develop your vocabulary and "word power"

Technical Support
Grammar reference guide, complete with inter-active tests and instant feedback
Advice and tests on spelling and punctuation
Glossary of technical terms in English
Style guides for your own Writing
K.A. Publisher - to display your own work and see examples of other people's work

English Department Information
Assessment Calendar for all year groups to help you plan and prepare for success
Standard Grade Study Guide
S1 Language Homework Booklet (both Basic and Advanced levels)
S2 Language Homework Booklet (both Basic and Advanced levels)
Int.1/ Int.2/ Higher English course planner
Theatre links to help you increase your exposure to live drama

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