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To help you make your mind up, read Book Reviews by other pupils.

New Books to Look Out For
If you have read a new book that you would recommend to other pupils, let us know and we will list it under this section of our English webpage.

On-site Reading

On our site you can read the work of famous and successful writers who are former pupils of Kilmarnock Academy:

The Prisoner - a short story by author William McIlvanney.
Dreaming Las Vegas - William McIlvanney writes about his trip to the city in the desert.

The Greatest Again
- an account of Ali v Foreman, one of the most remarkable bouts in boxing history, by acclaimed sports journalist, Hugh McIlvanney.
Best Years of Our Lives - Hugh McIlvanney recalls one of football's legends.

Stewart Conn - Read a poem by the successful poet and former pupil.
The Daily and Sunday Newspapers - Here we have included links to all the national daily & Sunday newspapers. Many SQA Close Reading passages have been taken from the "quality press", so as well as keeping up with the news, you will be improving your chances of examination success. It kind of works like this: the more you read, the better you will be at reading .......seems straightforward enough!

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 N. McIlvanney 2009