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English - Mr McIlvanney S1


Year Plan 2014/2015    Class 1F   Mr McIlvanney

Throughout the year you will be covering a wide range of English Activities. You may not understand what a few of the activities listed below actually involve but don't worry, that's why we are going to spend time learning them. If you can't wait that long, just ask and I'll answer.

The activities below will run throughout the session:

Developing Library and Research Skills
Personal Reading and Reading for Gold
Close Reading Development using the Close Reading 11 to 14 book
Developing knowledge of Language using the S1 Homework Booklet
Writing for your personal K.A. webpage and Writer's Notebook
Class/Group Discussion and Individual Talk
Regular use of Homework Diary
Routine set homework (eg completing and checking class assignments)
Self-help, voluntary homework activities

Main Areas - The Novel (Adolphus Tips)

Reading Focus - Importance of Personal Reading
                          Reading Extracts and working out their context

Writing Focus  - Diary Writing
                         Personal Experience

Talking Focus  - Discussion (class and group)

Personal Focus - Using your Homework Diary


Main Areas - Short Stories (a range of stories)
                     Festivals and Traditions (leading up to Christmas)

Reading Focus - The Short Story
Writing Focus  - expressing your views
                         writing for a specific audience - children's Christmas Story

Talking Focus  - the art of persuasion/ expressing your views

Personal Focus - Use of timetable and being prepared for all classes


Novel - Whispers in the Graveyard by Theresa Breslin

Scottish Poetry - Dialect and Standard English. What makes a poem Scottish?

Reading Focus - Poetry and Figures of Speech
                          Fiction and Genre

Writing Focus  - Poetry
                         Writing a Letter

Talking Focus  - Relating Personal Experiences

Personal Focus - Reading over your work/ developing checking skills


Researching a Topic - Kilmarnock Past and Present

Drama - Reading a script and watching a play

Reading Focus - non-fiction and evaluating or judging sources of information

Writing Focus  - Planning, Structure and Organisation
                         Functional Writing
                         Writing a Script

Talking Focus  - Personal Talk/ providing information on a topic

Personal Focus - Improving handwriting and presentation of written work


The S1 book club runs on Wednesdays after school from 2:45pm until 3:30pm. The club is open to all First Year pupils. The purpose of the club is to encourage reading and literacy through a variety of fun activities including: reading challenges and competitions, research projects, literacy promoting games and running our book club blog on the internet [http://kabookclub.edublogs.org].

Club members have exclusive access to a “book club members only” section of the library. Pupils can access these books while they are at book club and during their normal class library time. Members of the book club can borrow 4 books at a time - rather than the usual 2.

Any S1 pupil who is interested in joining the book club can speak to Miss Black in the library for more information.

S1 Homework (Advanced)

This is your English Language Homework booklet. You will use it this year to help you to develop the skills you need to improve your English. As you will be using it all year, you must take care of it.
Complete one exercise a week as directed by your English teacher. Each exercise contains an explanation of a grammar point and a few questions to check that you have understood what has been explained. You should copy out the note at the front of your jotter and complete the exercise at the back.
If you do not understand one of the exercises, you must let your teacher know so that it can be explained in more detail.

Good Luck!

1. Nouns 11. Conjunctions
2. Verbs 12. Prepositions
3. Agreement of the verb with subject 13. Active and Passive
4. The Present Tense 14. Inverted Commas
5. The Future Tense 15. Direct Speech
6. The Past Tense 16. Sentence Types
7. Pronouns 17. The Apostrophe
8. Relative Pronouns 18. Figures of speech 1
9. Adjectives 19. Figures of Speech 2
10. Adverbs 20. Alphabetical Order

Enterprising People

by Mr S Sutton

Thanks to a former member of the English Department we have a useful feature on KA Web to help your general knowledge and your close reading skills. Mr Sutton - who is himself quite an enterprisingindividual - created a series of articles on Enterprising People. His intention was only to use the articles with third year English classes but I managed to persuade him that they would also be of real interest to other people. He has covered a wide range of enterprising people, someless well-known than others. Part of Mr Sutton's thinking in creating this series for KA Web was to let pupils see how having an enterprising attitude and a positive outlook can increase your chances of achieving success and personal fulfilment. Thanks again to Mr Sutton.                                                                                  N.McI 3.8.2014

J. K. Rowling
Billy Connolly
Mother Teresa
Paul McCartney
Susan Boyle
Sir Alexander Fleming
Coco Chanel
Barack Obama
Dorothy Paul
Arthur Conan Doyle

Enterprising: (adjective).  Showing initiative and willingness to undertake new projects.


 In case you didn't make it to the  newsagents' this morning, you can  catch up on all the news and  headlines here on KA Web. Click  the picture on the left to access  everything from the Daily Record  to the Guardian.

 If you have time, you should also  check out the MAGAZINE RACK  (right) where you will be sure to  find something to appeal to - or  develop - your interests.

The Ghaist o ‘A' Flair

The following is the remarkable story of the ghost that is said to haunt the ‘A' floor of Kilmarnock Academy. Not only is it a chilling tale of death at the hands of a teacher, but it also gives interesting insights into society some half a century ago. The social divisions it describes and the barbarity of life at school will seem primitive to the modern ear.

This account was recorded by myself from a former pupil of Kilmarnock Academy who wishes to remain anonymous and I had to swear to keep his name secret before he agreed to talk (I suspect that this is because he was the boy who attempts to kiss the girl near the end of this account. The level of descriptive detail at this point in his story suggests an eyewitness).

My informant spoke in the broad language of the Kilmarnock streets. I tried to put his account into proper English, but after several failed attempts, thought it best to reproduce it in the old Scottish tongue giving as far as possible his pronunciation as that, I feel, gives the story a certain local charm. However, to help the reader, those words which might give particular difficulty are in black type and their meaning is given at the end.

Dr N Dickson

If you feel brave enough to read that account click here.

S1 Reading List

Stuck for ideas?
Use this list to get started.
You will find these books in the Junior Fiction section

Compiled by Miss Black


Adventure Stories

Ellis Dillon                         The Lost Island
Bear Grylls                        Gold of the Gods
Catherine MacPhail            Run, Zan, Run
Michael Morpurgo              Kensuke’s Kingdom
Celia Rees                        Pirates!
R.L. Stevenson                 Treasure Island
Jules Verne                     Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Animal Stories

Nina Bawden                       The Peppermint Pig
Don Conroy                         On Silent Wings
Zizou Corder                       Lion Boy
Roald Dahl                          Fantastic Mr. Fox
Lucy Daniels                       Animal Ark Series
Kenneth Grahame                The Wind in the Willows
Michael Morpurgo                Kaspar – Prince of Cats
Michael Morpurgo                War Horse
Anna Sewell                       Black Beauty
Lauren St. John                  The White Giraffe
E.B. White                         Charlotte’s Web
Henry Williamson                 Tarka the Otter

Classic Stories

Louisa May Alcott                 Little Women
Francis Hodgson Burnett        The Secret Garden
Lewis Carroll                        Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Arthur Conan Doyle              The Hound of the Baskervilles
Ian Fleming                         Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Jack London                        The Call of the Wild
E. Nesbit                            The Railway Children
Jonathan Swift                    Gulliver’s Travels
J.R.R. Tolkien                      The Hobbit
Mark Twain                         Huckleberry Finn

Crime/Spy Stories

Colin Bateman                    Reservoir Pups
Lauren Child                      Ruby Redfort
Terry Deary                      True Spy Stories
Siobhan Dowd                   The London Eye Mystery
Jonathan Harlen                 Fletcher Smith Sports P.I.
Robert Muchamore             CHERUB series
Andrew Fusek Peters          Diamonds are Evil
Alan Temperley                  Harry and the  Wrinklies
Ceri Worman                     The Secret Life of Jamie B

Family Stories

Ann Bryant                       Billie and the Parent Plan
Cathy Cassidy                   Dizzy
Sharon Creech                  Walk Two Moons
Teresa Doran                    Running Home
Anne Fine                         Flour Babies
Kathryn Lamb                    Honestly Mum!
Hilary McKay                     Casson Family Series
Jean Ure                           Fortune Cookie
Jacqueline Wilson               The Illustrated Mum
Jacqueline Wilson               Lily Alone

Fantasy Stories

Lynne Reid Banks                The Indian in the Cupboard
J.M. Barrie                         Peter Pan
Frank Beddor                     The Looking Glass Wars
Theresa Breslin                  The Dream Master
Roald Dahl                        James and the Giant Peach
Michael Ende                     The Neverending Story
C.S. Lewis                        Chronicles of Narnia
Garth Nix                          Keys to the Kingdom Series
J.K. Rowling                       Harry Potter series
Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell  The Edge Chronicles
Kate O’Hearn                      Pegasus

Funny Stories

Tom Angleberger                   Origami Yoda
Frank Cottrell Boyce               Millions
Roald Dahl                            The Twits
Jimmy Docherty                     The Ice Cream Con
Jeff Kinney                            Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Jonathan Meres                     The World of Norm
James Patterson                    I Funny
Liz Pichon                            Tom Gates
Dav Pilkey                            Captain Underpants
Francesca Simon                   Horrid Henry
David Walliams                      Gangsta Granny
David Walliams                      The Boy in the Dress
Jeremy Strong                      Beware! Killer Tomatoes
Jacqueline Wilson                  Bad Girls

Historical Stories

Gary Blackwood                    Shakespeare’s Scribe
Sally Gardner                        I, Coriander
Jamila Gavin                         Coram Boy
Francis M. Hendry                 Chains
Judith Kerr                           A Small Person Far Away
Katherine Langrish                 Troll Fell
Alice Leader                         Power and Stone
Philip Reeve                         Here Lies Arthur
Rosemary Sutcliff                 The Eagle of the Ninth
Theresa Tomlinson               The Moon Riders
Siobhan Parkinson                No Peace for Amelia
Jacqueline Wilson                 Hetty Feather
Jacqueline Wilson                 Queenie

Scary Stories

Theresa Breslin                   Whispers in the Graveyard
Cathy MacPhail                   Out of the Depths
Margaret Mahy                   The Haunting
Peter J. Murray                   Bonebreaker
Magdalen Nabb                   Twilight Ghost
Garth Nix                           The Ragwitch
Sebastian Rook                   Vampire Plagues
R.L. Stine                          Goosebumps series
Robert Swindells                 Room 13
Gerard Whelan                   Dream Invader

School Stories

Enid Blyton                       Second Form at St. Clare’s
Gillian Cross                      The Demon Headmaster
Anthony Horowitz              Groosham Grange
Jill Murphy                        The Worst Witch
Jerry Spinelli                     Loser
Jacqueline Wilson              The Lottie Project
Henry Winkler                   Hank Zipzer Series


Science Fiction Stories

Steve Cole                       Astrosaurus series
Nell Coleman                    The Osmid Version
Terrance Dicks                 The Mars Project
Eric Johns                        Long Live Olly Hacker
Madeleine L’Engle              A Wrinkle in Time
D.J. MacHale                    Pendragon
Terry Pratchett                Only You Can Save Mankind
Robert Swindells               World Eater
Jean Ure                         After the Plague
H.G. Wells                       The Time Machine
Gerard Whelan                 Out of Nowhere

Sport Stories

Neil Arksey                      Sudden Death
Jon Blake                        The Beautiful Game
Bob Cattell                      Down the Wicket
Rob Childs                       County Cup
Michael Coleman              Shocking Shooting
Dan Freedman                 The Kick Off
Dan Freedman                 Shoot to Win
James Killgore                 Soldier’s Game
Donna King                     Double Twist
Jerry Spinelli                   The Mighty Crashman


Thriller/Mystery Stories

Bernard Ashley                Tiger Without Teeth
Malorie Blackman             Deadly Dare
Tim Bowler                     River Boy
Sandra Glover                 The Girl Who Knew
Pete Johnson                  Avenger
Cathy MacPhail               Another Me
Cathy MacPhail               Wheels
Philip Pullman                  Clockwork
Lauren St. John               Dead Man’s Cove


War Stories

Nina Bawden                   Carrie’s War
John Boyne                     The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Walter Buchignani            Tell No One Who You Are
Anne Frank                     The Diary of a Young Girl
Yankev Glatshteyn           Emil and Karl
Judith Kerr                      When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
Michelle Magorian             Goodnight Mr. Tom
Michael Morpurgo             An Elephant in the Garden
Ian Serralier                    The Silver Sword


Click on the maps below to see what Kilmarnock was like in days gone by.