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English - S2 Homework (Advanced) The Definite & Indefinite Article

S2 English homework. Exercise 4.

The Definite & Indefinite Article

Copy the following note into your jotter.


The Definite Article: This is the grammatical term for the word ‘the'. We use the definite article when we are talking about a particular thing.

E.g. The girl I met yesterday. This suggests that you are talking about one particular girl.

The definite article does not change when more than one thing is being talked about.

E.g. The girls I met yesterday.

The Indefinite Article: This is the grammatical term for the words ‘a' and ‘an'. We use ‘an' in front of a word that begins with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) such as an apple or words which begin with a silent h such as an hour.

The plural forms of the indefinite article are some and any.

E.g. I bought some new tops but I didn't buy any trousers.


Task: Copy out the following sentences. Put the correct form of the definite and indefinite article, as indicated by the brackets, in the blank spaces.

1.  I couldn't find ___ towels in the cupboard. (Indef)

2.  First he ate ____ cheesecake and then he ate ___ pie. (Indef)

3.  I looked for ___ book that you were asking for. (Def)

4.  Did you post ___ invitations? (Def)

5.  Did the king have ___ heir to the throne? (Indef)

6.  Would you like to watch ___ video? (Indef)

7.  We needed ___ engineer not __ plumber to fix it. (Indef)

8.  I bought ___ cakes when I went to the supermarket. (Def)

9.  He blew up ___ balloons for the party. (Indef)

10.  Do you have ____ candles for the cake? (Def)



Mrs D. Thomson