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English - S2 Homework (Advanced) I/Me Confusion

S2 English homework. Exercise 17.

I/Me Confusion

Copy the following note into your jotter.

Many people become confused about when it is correct to use me' and when it is correct to use I'. I' should be used when you are the subject of (the one doing) the action and me' when you are the object (the one to whom it is done).

E.g. I took the letter from the postman.

The postman gave the letter to me.

Confusion often arises when someone else is involved in the interaction.

E.g. My sister and (I or me?) went to the cinema. ( I is correct)

He told John and (I or me?) to leave. ( Me is correct)

Tip: If you are confused, remove the other person then the correct word becomes obvious.


Copy out the following sentences and fill in the correct words from the brackets.

1.  Mary and ___ are going swimming. (I/me)

2.  What did you say to Steven and ___? (I/me)

3.  My brother and ___ were each given £5. (I/me)

4.  Thank you for the 10 you gave Anne and ___. (I/me)

5.  Today is __ birthday. (Yvonne and I's/ Yvonne's and my)

6.  My friend and ___ were walking to school. (I/me)

7.  The teacher told David and __ to be quiet. (I/me)

8.  The dog chased my friend and __. (I/me)

9.  Who will help my husband and __? (I/me)

10.  Sandy and ___ love playing snooker. (I/me)

Mrs D. Thomson