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English - S2 Homework (Advanced) Homophones

S2 English homework. Exercise 14.


Copy the following note into your jotter.

A homonym is a word that has one spelling but more than one meaning. To understand the meaning of the word we have to know its context (the way it is being used). Some homonyms can mean very different things.

E.g. I put the money in the bank.

She sat on the bank of the river and read a book.

Task 1

Try to give two meanings for the following words.

1.  chair        2. place        3. lip        4. match        5. plant        6. head



Task 2

Find one word that will fill the blank in each pair of sentences below.

1a. I waited at the ___ for the train.

1b. She was said to have ideas above her ____.

2a. Are you going to travel to the city by ____?

2b. Her wedding dress had a beautiful long ___.

3a. There were forty ___ working there.

3b. The shepherd used a ___ to help him walk.

4a. She held the baby in the ___ of her arm.

4b. Do not trust him because he is a ___.

5a. The duck caught the insect in its ___.

5b I'm going to the bank to pay this ___.

Mrs D. Thomson