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English - S2 Homework (Advanced) Homophones

S2 English homework. Exercise 13.


Copy the following note into your jotter.

A homophone is a word that has the same sound as another word but a different spelling. The name comes from the Greek words homo meaning same and phones meaning sound. These words often cause confusion but can also be used for a special kind of joke called a pun.



Copy out the sentences. Use the correct word in the bracket to complete the sentence.

1.  The old sailor told me a strange ____ (tail/tale)

2.  Is it true that a pig has a curly ___? (tail/tale)

3.  He said it was really a matter of ______. (principal/principle)

4.  She was given the part of _____ girl in the show. (principal/principle)

5.  Jane bought some ______ for going back to school. (stationery/stationary)

6.  You should always make sure the car is _____ before getting out. (stationery/ stationary)

7.  Hopefully one day we will have ___ in the world. (peace/piece)

8.  The little boy looked longingly at the ____ of cake. (peace/ piece)

9.  Did you see _____ new car? (there/ they're /their)

10.  I think I left my jacket over ____. (there/ they're /their)

11.  _____ going on holiday next week. (there/ they're /their)

12.  I think ____ the person I'm supposed to speak to. (your/ you're)

13.  Is that ___ son wearing the blue shirt? (your/ you're)

14.  Are you travelling by ____? (plane/ plain)

15.  She wanted a ____ material for her new curtains. (plane/ plain)

Mrs D. Thomson