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English - S2 Homework (Advanced) Types of Text 2

S2 English homework. Exercise 12.

Types of Text 2

Copy the following note into your jotter.

Information - This type of text should present the information in a straightforward manner. It should contain many facts, the language should be factual and precise and written formally, it is usually written in the present tense and in the 3 rd person.


Discursive - This is when we examine an issue from two or more viewpoints and present a balanced view. This type of text should make the writer's view clear but should also present other points of view. It should contain reasons to back up opinions and often uses persuasive language. A good discursive piece will encourage the readers to make up their own mind.



1. Write an informative paragraph on school uniform. This should say what it is, why it is worn etc and should only include facts.

2. Now write a discursive paragraph on school uniform giving both your opinion and the opposite opinion and a valid reason for both.

Mrs D. Thomson