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English - S2 Homework (Advanced) Types of Text 1

S2 English homework. Exercise 11.

Types of Text 1

Copy the following note into your jotter.

The language you use when you write depends on the type of text you are writing. There are a wide variety of text types:

Narrative - This is used to entertain the reader and re-tell imaginary events. It usually contains dialogue (speech), is written in the 3 rd person, in the past tense and includes descriptive language.

Recount - This re-tells information to inform someone what has happened. It can re-count true or imaginary events. It is written in the past tense and is usually ordered in the way that the events occurred.

Instructional - This type of text is written to tell someone how to do something. Information will be given in a clear way to make it easy to understand, it will include directions on when to do something, verbs will be given in the present tense and it will often be written in the 2 nd person (you).

Task 1

Decide which type of text the following sentences are from. Give a reason for your answer.

  1. The first man to set foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong.
  2. Next add the butter and the milk.
  3. Fold the corners of the paper in carefully.
  4. William Shakespeare was one of the world's most famous writers.
  5. Lucy glared angrily at Peter. “Stop it!” she shouted.
  6. The cold wind blew in his face as he struggled up the hill.


Task 2

Write your own instructional piece explaining how to make a cup of instant coffee. Put all the information in the correct order and number each stage.

Mrs D. Thomson