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English - S2 Homework (Advanced) Gender Nouns & Pronouns

S2 English homework. Exercise 1.

Gender Nouns and Pronouns

Copy the following note into your jotter.


In English grammar, nouns and pronouns can belong to one of four different gender groups.

Masculine: This is for words which describe male creatures.

E.g. boy, policeman, king.

Feminine: This is for words which describe female creatures.

E.g. queen, waitress, girl.

Common: This is for words that can be used to describe either sex.

E.g. employer, child, dancer.

Neuter: This is for words to describe non-living, inanimate objects that cannot be male or female. E.g. computer, pen, table


Task: Divide the following nouns and pronouns into the four groups: masculine, feminine, common and neuter.

•  ewe

•  audience

•  toy

•  singer

•  stag

•  actress

•  ram

•  desk

•  owner

•  sausage

•  pedestrian

•  tablecloth

•  mother

•  lover

•  swimmer

•  bachelor

•  entertainer

•  dog

•  book

•  hotel

•  heroine

•  uncle

•  novelist

•  lamp


•  princess

•  stereo

•  bride

•  groom

•  hen

•  girl

•  mouse

•  daughter

•  ant

•  photo

•  grandfather

Mrs D. Thomson