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S1 Homework (Advanced)

This is your English Language Homework booklet. You will use it this year to help you to develop the skills you need to improve your English. As you will be using it all year, you must take care of it.
Complete one exercise a week as directed by your English teacher. Each exercise contains an explanation of a grammar point and a few questions to check that you have understood what has been explained. You should copy out the note at the front of your jotter and complete the exercise at the back.
If you do not understand one of the exercises, you must let your teacher know so that it can be explained in more detail.

Good Luck!

1. Nouns 11. Conjunctions
2. Verbs 12. Prepositions
3. Agreement of the verb with subject 13. Active and Passive
4. The Present Tense 14. Inverted Commas
5. The Future Tense 15. Direct Speech
6. The Past Tense 16. Sentence Types
7. Pronouns 17. The Apostrophe
8. Relative Pronouns 18. Figures of speech 1
9. Adjectives 19. Figures of Speech 2
10. Adverbs 20. Alphabetical Order



  Mrs D Thomson