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 Think about it!

 The only real mistake is the one  from which we learn nothing. --  John Powell

 Keep away from people who try to  belittle your ambitions. Small people  always do that, but the really great  ones make you feel that you too,  can become great.
 --Mark Twain

 Impossible is a word to be found  only in the dictionary of fools.

 "I won't say ours was a tough  school, but we had our own coroner.  We used to write essays like: What  I'm going to be if I grow up."
 Lenny Bruce .


English - S1 Homework (Advanced) Figures of Speech 2

S1 English Homework. Exercise 19

Figures of Speech Sheet 2

Copy the following note into your jotter.

Alliteration - This is the repetition of a particular letter or sound (usually at the beginning of a word) to produce a particular effect.

E.g. Softly and slowly the snake slid and slithered.


Onomatopoeia - This is used to describe a word that imitates the sound that it is describing.

E.g. quack, bang, hiss, boom, plop, smash.


Copy out the following sentences. Underline the onomatopoeia in each one.

1.  The water splashed into the bucket.

2.  The champagne bottle opened with a pop.

3.  I could hear the birds twittering in the trees.

4.  He giggled at the other boy's joke.

5.  The door squeaked as she opened it.

6.  The monkeys chattered in their cages.


•  Think up three sentences of your own which contain onomatopoeia.

•  Now think up three examples of alliteration.


Mrs D. Thomson