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 Think about it!

 The only real mistake is the one  from which we learn nothing. --  John Powell

 Keep away from people who try to  belittle your ambitions. Small people  always do that, but the really great  ones make you feel that you too,  can become great.
 --Mark Twain

 Impossible is a word to be found  only in the dictionary of fools.

 "I won't say ours was a tough  school, but we had our own coroner.  We used to write essays like: What  I'm going to be if I grow up."
 Lenny Bruce .


English - S1 Homework (Advanced) The Apostrophe

S1 English Homework. Exercise 17.

The Apostrophe

Copy the following note into your jotter.


We often use an apostrophe to show who something belongs to. The position of the apostrophe depends on the number of owners.

E.g. The cat's basket = the basket belonging to the cat. (1 cat)

The cats' basket = the basket belonging to the cats. (more than 1 cat)

The exception to this rule is when the plural of the word is a different word from the singular and does not merely add an s'.

E.g. The child's toys but the children's toys.


Put an apostrophe in the following phrases.

1. The dogs bone. (1 dog)

2. The dogs ball. (2 dogs)

3. The girls dresses. (2 girls)

4. The elephants tusks. (1 elephant)

5. The ladys hat.

6. The ladies hats.

7. The students desk. (1 student)

8. The boys toy. (1 boy)

9. The teachers room. (1 teacher)

10. The barbers brushes. (2 barbers)



Copy the following note into your jotter.

Sometimes apostrophes are used to abbreviate words. The apostrophe is placed where the missing letters would be.

E.g.      cannot becomes can't             I am becomes I'm

Use apostrophes to shorten the following words and phrases.

1. did not      2. could not      3. would not      4. she is

5. they are      6. where is      7. I would      8. it is




Mrs D. Thomson