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 Think about it!

 The only real mistake is the one  from which we learn nothing. --  John Powell

 Keep away from people who try to  belittle your ambitions. Small people  always do that, but the really great  ones make you feel that you too,  can become great.
 --Mark Twain

 Impossible is a word to be found  only in the dictionary of fools.

 "I won't say ours was a tough  school, but we had our own coroner.  We used to write essays like: What  I'm going to be if I grow up."
 Lenny Bruce .


English - S1 Homework (Advanced) Prepositions

S1 English Homework. Exercise 12.


Copy the following note into your jotter

This is the word used for showing what one person or thing has to do with another person or thing - usually where they are in relation to one another. E.g. over, under, between, on.


Choose a preposition from the list and complete the following sentences in your jotter. Only use each preposition once.

on       before       over       into       past       under

up       in       down       behind       near

through       opposite        between       among

on before over into past under up in down behind near through opposite between among


1. My best friend lives in the house _____ mine.

2. Put the lid ____ the potato pot please.

3. Your jacket is in the cupboard _____ the stairs.

4. Her house is the first one_____ the sweet shop.

5. The boy climbed ____ the fence to escape.

6. I'll drop you off ____ your house.

7. We will need to get ___ at 8 o'clock tomorrow.

8. Put your toys back ____ the toy box!

9. Brush your teeth ____ you go to bed.

10. The girl ran ____ the hill.

11. The room you are looking for is ___ those doors.


12. That's the boy who sat ___ me on the bus.

13. I'd like to live ___ Germany when I'm older.

14. He was stuck ____ the car and the wall.

15. I found the ball _____ the flowers.


Mrs D. Thomson