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English - S1 Homework (Advanced) Nouns

S1 English homework. Exercise 1.


Copy the following note into your jotter.

There are four different types of nouns.

Proper Noun - This is a noun that refers to a particular person or thing. E.g. Iceland , Sunday, London , February, Mary.

Common Noun - This names a kind of person or thing. It is called ‘common' because the name is common to all persons or things of the same kind. E.g. man, table, bus, month, apple.

Collective Noun - This describes a group or collection of people or things. E.g. army, bunch, pack, deck.

Abstract Noun- This is a noun that describes something that cannot actually be seen, heard, felt or tasted. E.g. sleep, peace, hatred, honesty.


Task: Write down what type of noun each of the following words is.

1. chair.                   2. flock.               3. peach.             4. trust.                5. September.

6. needle.                7. John.               8. mercy.             9. computer.         10. bunch.

11. station.             12. Tenerife .       13. joy.               14. hope.               15. group.

16. rain.                  17. bus.              18. gaggle.          19. Edinburgh .      20. library.

21. peace.               22. dress.            23. patience.        24. Denver .          25. baby.

26. tribe.                 27. laughter.        28. train.             29. Monday.           30. bouquet

Mrs D. Thomson