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English - Writer's Toolkit - Identifying Purpose
Reasons for Writing

There are many reasons for writing. For anything there may only be one particular reason but it is more likely that your piece of writing will combine some of the reasons given below.

Here is a list of some of the reasons for writing:

To provide interest and combat boredom                       To celebrate life

To entertain                                                             To provide information

To move your reader/get an emotional response              To make people laugh

To enlighten                                                             To prompt a reaction

To get revenge                                                         To shock or scare

To come to terms with something that has happened       To get across your views

To remember an event or part of your life                      To persuade people

To impress examiners                                                 To make money

To exploit people’s nosiness                                         To expose wrong

To share an experience                                               To get closure

To be a “writer”… a deeply sensitive and highly intellectual… poseur

Think about it:

  1. What do you consider to be the five most common reasons for writing?
  1. List five reasons that apply to you personally and to the writing you do.
  1. Which of the above reasons would we keep if we were to make up a list of reasons why people READ? What reasons would you add? (E.G. TO RELAX, TO FIND OUT ABOUT SOMETHING, TO ESCAPE FROM REALITY)

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