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National 5 English - Critical Essay Support

List of Themes in Literature (abstract nouns)  prepared by S5

A – ability, adoration, adventure, advice, affection, aggravation, aggression, alienation, amazement, ambition, anger, anxiety, apathy, apprehension, arrogance, artistry, attitude, atonement, awe,

B – blandness, beauty, belief, betrayal, bigotry, blame, bravery, brutality,

C – callousness, calm, chance, chaos, charity, childhood, clumsiness, cohesion,  comfort, communication, compassion, conceit, concern, conduct, confidence, confession, confusion, conscience, consolation, contentment, control, corruption, courage, creation, crime, criminality, cruelty, culture, curiosity, cowardice, cynicism,

D – death, decay, deceit, dedication, defeat, defiance, delusion, democracy, denial, despair, destiny, determination, development, devotion, dexterity, dictatorship, disappointment, disbelief, dishonour, disinterest, disloyalty, disquiet, disturbance, drama, dreams,

E – eagerness, education, ego, elegance, elevation, energy, enhancement, enthusiasm, envy, evil, excitement, experience,

F – failure, faith, faithfulness, faithlessness, fame, fascination, fate, favouritism, fear, forgiveness, fortune, fragility, frailty, freedom, friendship,

G – generosity, good, goodness, gossip, grace, graciousness, greed, grief, grieving, growth, guilt,

H – happiness, hate, hatred, hearsay, helpfulness, helplessness, hesitation, homelessness, honesty, honour, hope, hospitality, humiliation, humility, humour, hunger, hurt,

I – idea, ideology, idiosyncrasy, illegality, imagination, immorality, impression, improvement, inactivity, incitement, infatuation, infidelity, influence, information, injustice, innocence, insanity, insecurity, intelligence, intensity, intervention, intimacy, intransigence, invention, irrationality, irresponsibility, isolation,

J –  jealousy, joy, justice, justification,

K – kindness, knowledge,

L – law, legality, leisure, liberty, life, loss, love, loyalty, luck, luxury,

M – madness, maturity, melancholy, memory, mercy, morality, motivation, mourning, movement, music,

N – naivety, nature, need, nihilism, normality, nutrition,

O – offence, omen, opinion, opportunism, opportunity,

P – pain, patience, peace, peculiarity, perdition, perfection, persecution, perseverance, pessimism, petulance, pleasure, possession, poverty, power, praise, prejudice, pressure, pride, principle, progress, promiscuity, propaganda, protection, power, progress, provocation, punishment,

Q – quality,

R – racism, rationality, reality, recreation, redemption, refreshment, relaxation, relief, religion, repentance, repression, resentment, resistance, resolution, respect, responsibility, restoration, retribution, revenge, revolution, riches, romance, rumour, rigour,

S – sacrifice, sadness, sanity, satisfaction, secrecy, self-control, self-loathing, selfishness, .sensitivity, service, sexism, sexuality, shame, silliness, simulation, skill, slavery, sleep, sophistication, sorrow, sparkle, speculation, speed, stimulation, strength, strictness, stupidity, submission, subterfuge, subversion,  success, the supernatural, superstition, suppression, surprise, sympathy

T – talent, temptation, terror, thought, thoughtfulness, thoughtlessness, thrill, time, tiredness, tolerance, tradition, tragedy, trouble, trust, truth,

U – uncertainty, unemployment, unity, unreality, unattainable dream,

V – vengeance, victimisation, victory, vigour, violence, virtue,

W – war, wariness, wantonness, warmth, weakness, wealth, weariness, weirdness, willingness, wisdom, wit, work, worry,

X – xenophobia,

Y – youth,

Z –  zeal,  zest

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 N. McIlvanney 2013