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Business Studies Department

 Ms MacInnes (maternity leave)

 Mr McClurg

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 tel: 01563 525509

             Ms MacInnes                                      Mr McClurg

 (A special thanks to Mr McClurg for providing the course information below.)

 Welcome to the Business Studies Department.


The study of this course will not only equip candidates with the level of competence required for using a range of software packages but will also enable them to apply their use to various administrative functions carried out in organisations.

  1. Everyone needs ICT skills whatever the job/rank they aim for
  2. Everyone needs to have problem solving, numeracy and oral/written communication skills
  3. Administration gives students a core skill

What does the course involve?

The main purpose of this course is to develop your admin and IT skills so that you can contribute effectively to your workplace. The main aims of the course are to:

  1. develop understanding of administration in the workplace and the main laws that affect employees
  2. understand the importance of good customer care in an organisation
  3. develop excellent IT skills and use them to carry out administrative tasks
  4. develop your organisational skills for example to plan and organise events such as meetings

The course is assessed by a practical coursework which is completed in class and an assessment marked by the SQA.



Why Business is the right choice for you!

Choosing to study Business Management in BEIT Faculty allows you to gain access to many different career paths such as marketing, fashion, events management, engineering, international business and accountancy to name but a few. Most college and university courses have a business component – so this course will be of great benefit to you. You will also get the opportunity to complete a simulation of running your own business!

This course gives pupils an insight into today‘s business world and we will study how some very famous entrepreneurs built up their businesses. Our journey will take us through not only why there is a need for business and how the economy works but will also consider the areas of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management and Production.

This course is not just about theory – you have to be able to say why you think a firm should make a particular decision, or discuss what you‘ think a business should do. Therefore the best way to do that is to give you practical tasks such as undertaking a mock interview, making and selling products, creating TV and radio adverts etc.


It covers various aspects of the business environment including functions of departments (marketing, sales, finance etc), sources of information, travel and health and safety at work to name but a few!

The knowledge and skills developed in Administration will enhance young people’s ability to be effective contributors to society whatever they chose to do after school. The core skills learned in Administration will be of benefit in their future environment whether that be college, university or the world of work.
This is an excellent subject to choose if you see yourself managing your own business or pursuing a career in the business world, but it is also of general interest, as it deals with many issues which we all encounter in our everyday lives.

This course enables students to understand the role and operation of business, to exercise problem-solving skills and to employ these skills to communicate by means of written or spoken language.


Mr McClurg

A special thanks to Mr Paul Crankshaw (retired) who provided all of the revision materials below.

Administration (Standard Grade) Revision Topics