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Holidays - Ryan Love 2P3 (2008)


 It’s that time of the year again that many children enjoy…and many parents dread. The excitement is understandable as Christmas only comes once a year. However, the downside to all of this excitement is that many children become competitive and greedy about toys and therefore forget what Christmas is really all about. They also put their parents under immense pressure because the prices are high, especially for toys that are scarce. In addition to this, the credit crunch is also here just now and for some parents that means adding to their debt. The parents don’t want to see their children upset on Christmas Day and although the children are getting their toys for free, some of them still hate what they get and throw it in their parents’ faces.
 Despite all of this though, there are still a lot of things to enjoy about Christmas; the white fluffy snow falling from the sky covering bare branches and fences, the robin red breast coming out to perch and everywhere I go things are covered with dazzling decorations.  But for many people, like me, the favourite part of Christmas is waking up in the morning and racing downstairs to see what presents I have underneath our 6ft fir tree with the eye-catching lights wrapped around it and a gold star on the very top.  The very last part is sitting down, relaxing, playing with toys and eating lots of chocolate which usually leads to me complaining about how sick I feel.

 But the festive season is not over yet, as the New Year still has to come which means sitting on the couch and eating peanuts and snacks along with friends and family. Outside, nothing to light up the dark night but the amber streetlights and the multi-coloured fireworks; crimson reds, yellows and sparkling blues shooting up into the sky as we celebrate the dawning of a new year.  Then, in the morning, whilst sidestepping paper confetti, string and drunken relatives on the floor, I usually help myself to some leftovers on the table.

By Ryan Love