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Holidays - Rachel McIlvanney 2P3 (2008)


Everyone loves Christmas, it’s official - from the depressed workers, run off their feet, in Lidl to the “well-to-do” who simply can’t be seen there. Each little detail adds up to that special day: putting up the Christmas tree, wrapping the presents, having to get a better Advent Calendar than everyone else - all these little things make that 24 hour day seem much bigger than it actually is. So enjoy it while you can because soon enough it will be Boxing Day and you’ll wake up at two in the afternoon surrounded by Cadbury wrappers with bits of sausage roll in your hair - yet you’ll still think to yourself, “What should I ask for next Christmas?”

And that’s after waiting so long for the big day to arrive. For instance, we all know that Christmas is coming when you go into Argos in the middle of September and see the cardboard cut-out of Santa and the reindeer faces on the jam doughnuts in Greggs. But eventually, near the end of December, is that long-awaited day when you wake up as early as possible to see if you got that laptop. However, the aftermath is when you step on the scales and find out you’ve put on two stone.