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Holidays - Katie Fenwick 2P3 (2008)

The festive season

We all love the count down to Christmas especially the 1st of December where the children get to open the first doors of their advent calendars, some children get chocolate others may get sweets. Through out the month of December many children will write their mile long letters to Santa, while some parents might even take their children to see him, in his crimson red suit with his white fluffy beard and jet-black boots glistening in the light. Another wonderful thing about the count down to Christmas is going into the shops and hearing the joyful Christmas music filling the air with excitment about the merriest day of the year.

All over the world children are getting excited about the most magical time of year when the snow begins to fall and the lights twinkle in the night sky, while the children dream of what Santa is going to bring them for Christmas. Many children can become greedy at this time of year and put their parents under a huge amount of pressure to buy them the gifts and toy they have been bugging their parents about for the last six months in edition to this the retailers put up their prices for popular and scare toys. Many parents plummet into serious debt as they don't want to disappoint their children although Christmas is a great time of year many people forget that Christmas is not all about what they got for Christmas or who gave them the best present, that is about spending time with their families.

The festive season is not over yet as we still have New Year to look forward to. This is more a mums and dads time of year, as they like to invite friends over for a drink or go out to meet friends and family. Most people bring in the bells by counting down from ten waiting for the clock to strike midnight, many people will reminisce the old year and celebrate the new year by sinning songs or making new years resolutions, the top new years resolution is to lose weight although new years so a great time of year for adults I think children prefer the excitement about Christmas day more.

 By Katie Fenwick