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Holidays - Cameron Tasker 2P3 (2008)

Winter: The Festive Season

By Cameron Tasker

             Every Year we enjoy a good holiday. We love an excuse to get off of school or work and enjoy a  relaxing holiday. There’s Easter, Halloween and the big summer break, but the one we all love is the warm winter fire of December. The shimmering gold, the glistening lights and the sweet smell of frankincense and myrrh we all call Christmas.

            As the end of the year draws near, children all around the world anticipate the build up to Christmas. Their excitement can only be expected for the time of year as shops start to sell all the latest toy and games. More and more children become greedy for these toys and lose track of the love involved and what Christmas is all about. Parents everywhere are put under strain as they try their best to put a smile on their child’s face. It is hard to do this though as retailers become as greedy as the children and raise all their prices on Christmas gifts, especially all the scarce and hard to find toys.

            Although Christmas has these faults it doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed. To me, Christmas means bright sparkling lights, beautiful garlands, chestnuts in open fires and the sweet smell of freshly cut pine trees. White fluffy snow falls gently on to the frosty roads below the impressive large Christmas lights glittering on the lampost. If you are hungry, turn around the corner where the hot food stands on the side of the road are selling warm mince pies and spicy mulled wine. This is what makes Christmas a special time of year.

            After the countless trips to the town and when all the last minute shopping is done, Christmas day finally arrives. Eager and excited, children wake up at three o’clock in the morning and they rush through into their parent’s dark bedroom and start to jump on the bed, shaking them furiously in attempt to wake them up. Unfortunately for the children, they are taken back to their room and told to wait until a better time. Now they are forced to sit on their bed, staring at their fully filled stocking until that special moment when they rush out of their bedroom and come first place in the race to the bottom of the Christmas tree. Before long they are ripping open presents with rocket speed but it isn’t until Boxing Day when they finally realize what they really got.

            After all the trials and tribulations of Christmas day comes the more relaxing Boxing Day. Children’s spirits are still at their highest as they rummage through and test all of their new toys and games. Parents, trying to have a lie in, are holding pillows to their ears in attempt to block out the noise of the hyperactive children’s screams of laughter and joy. Finally they give in, get up and prepare a lunch of leftover turkey sandwiches and brussel sprouts. Just as It’s a Wonderful Life comes on the telly, the door bell rings and the distant relatives arrive bringing gifts of socks and home knitted Christmas jumpers. They make their own way into living room chatting about things you never knew existed and are not interested in. Eventually, after what seems like endless boring conversation, they reluctantly leave and everyone relaxes again.