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Holidays - Aaron Ng 2P3 (2008)


One of the best holidays kids love is Halloween because of the bright, shining pumpkin lanterns glowing on the window sills. One of the best bits about Halloween for kids is going out to the shops and buying their scary costumes. The main event the kids look forward to in Halloween is trick or treating, this is where the costumes come in handy because the kids go out scaring old ladies and telling them jokes to get their toffee apples and chocolate bars. When the kids get back to school they start comparing their sweetie bags to see who got the most sweets and who ate the most in one night and so on.

Halloween is a great holiday but the one the children love most is Christmas because of the glistening white snow lying on the light filled, shining bushes in peoples gardens and the Christmas trees sparkling in peoples living rooms. The parents get put under a lot of pressure because of the kids, they don’t want to let their kids down when they ask for all the designer clothes and the toy that is all the craze. Christmas is a very up-tempo time of year all you can see is children running around with their big woolly gloves and their fluffy warm ear muffs having snow ball fights. On Christmas eve the children get very excited and every 2 minutes they think they here Santa’s bells jingling in the dark cold night sky. Then on the morning of Christmas day the children get up excitedly and run down the stairs and open all their presents then hug their parents thanking them for the best Christmas they have ever had.

By Aaron Ng