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Holidays - 2P3 (2008)


The pupils had to write a short piece about holidays and special times of year. The pieces were produced in class by members of 2P3 (pictured below Oct 2008).

Winter: the Festive Season
The Festive Season
Christmas is an exciting and brilliant time of year.  We all obviously love getting presents but there is some sort of satisfaction in giving someone else a gift even if you have to affront yourself in Woolworths buying Mamma Mia on DVD for your gran or a Cristiano Ronaldo calendar for your mum.  Although we get angry when our families ask for silly gifts like these, imagine how our gran’s feel buying grand theft auto in gamestation.s...
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Children look forward to Christmas as it’s hyped up and they get lots of presents for nothing. The excitement of it all is understandable. Many parents are put under pressure because they want to get there child the best present possible but these presents are usually very expensive. Prices are high, especially for toys that are scarce as sly retailers gradually make them more expensive in the build-up to Christmas. Children become greedy and forget what .....
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Children looking forward to Christmas is understandable with all the presents they will get. They get more presents at Christmas than their birthday so this often makes things worse as some children become greedy, competing with friends, and forget what Christmas is about.

       At Christmas parents will be put under lots of pressure with all the toys they will have to buy and the prices of them. ......
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Dylan McPike
Calum Strain
Jake Fisher

Merry Christmas for some

When I think of Christmas day I think of the heat from a blazing fire and Christmas presents of every shape and size gleaming under the tall emerald tree. My stomach reminds me of those cool sugary mince pies and the succulent steaming turkey sitting on the dining table. We all love a perfect Christmas day. But what escapes many well-off families’ minds is that not everyone has a magical Christmas. Some people don’t have a penny and spend Christmas .... (Read more)

Cameron Wilson

Events in the Year

It’s that time of the year again that many children enjoy…and many parents dread. The excitement is understandable as Christmas only comes once a year. However, the downside to all of this excitement is that many children become competitive and greedy about toys and therefore forget what Christmas is really all about. They also put their parents under immense pressure because the prices are high, especially for toys that are scarce. (Read more)

Everyone loves Christmas, it’s official - from the depressed workers, run off their feet, in Lidl to the “well-to-do” who simply can’t be seen there. Each little detail adds up to that special day: putting up the Christmas tree, wrapping the presents, having to get a better Advent Calendar than everyone else - all these little things make that 24 hour day seem much bigger than it actually is. So enjoy it while you can because soon enough it will be Boxing Day... (Read more)

We all should love most of the events in the year even though we don’t know some of them but we love most of the ones we do know. Kids love their birthdays, Easter for the chocolate eggs and Christmas for the presents while the adults enjoy the Summer for the kids to run outside and they get some peace for once in the year if the sun actually comes out for once but the events we all love are Halloween and New year.

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Ryan Love
Rachel McIlvanney
Calum Cameron

Winter: the Festive Season
The Festive Season
One of the best holidays kids love is Halloween because of the bright, shining pumpkin lanterns glowing on the window sills. One of the best bits about Halloween for kids is going out to the shops and buying their scary costumes. The main event the kids look forward to in Halloween is trick or treating, this is where the costumes come in handy because the kids go out scaring old ladies and telling them jokes to get their toffee apples and chocolate bars...
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Every Year we enjoy a good holiday. We love an excuse to get off of school or work and enjoy a  relaxing holiday. There’s Easter, Halloween and the big summer break, but the one we all love is the warm winter fire of December. The shimmering gold, the glistening lights and the sweet smell of frankincense and myrrh we all call Christmas.         
As the end of the year draws near, children all around the world anticipate....
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We all love the count down to Christmas especially the 1st of December where the children get to open the first doors of their advent calendars, some children get chocolate others may get sweets. Through out the month of December many children will write their mile long letters to Santa, while some parents might even take their children to see him, in his crimson red suit with his white fluffy beard and jet-black boots glistening in the light.....
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Aaron Ng
Cameron Tasker
Katie Fenwick