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Christmas Tips from Ms Fullerton                                                                      Dec 2010   

 Ms Fullerton who is the longest serving member of our English  Department, has forwarded me some Christmas tips to share with all  the surfers visiting KA Web:  

 "Remember not to throw away your Christmas Cards when you are  taking down all your decorations: various charities can recycle them  to raise funds. Many shops (and our own Local Council) arrange  collections.

Save money on wrapping by buying a big roll and making your own matching labels for that personalised and “finished” look:
  • Use any nice piece of card you have going spare (the inserts from packaging are good for this, but you can buy attractive card quite inexpensively)
  • Stick a piece of paper to the reverse of the card. Cut to whatever shape you desire. Use a hole-punch for the ribbon or just sellotape the label onto your parcel.

Don’t forget the birds. Put out scraps for them to eat when the weather makes it hard for them to find food. Even just old bread crust will help, but you can make and buy lots of things that different birds like to eat.

They will reward you by continuing to visit your garden and amusing you with their antics and their lovely song.