Christmas Thoughts 2013

So many people think that the best thing about Christmas is presents, which is true. However the best thing for me is looking back at the presents you have had throughout the years. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve had some seriously weird ones, such as a shower cap with a shark fin on the top of it, a plate with my face on it and calendars filled with pictures of weird cats. I also love that people make it so personalized for you so that you can’t return it. My Wee Nana is the worst for it as she always gets me something with my name on it. Like last year, for days she kept going on about how much I would love my present and that it was so great. When she gave it to me it was in a massive box, and I opened I was absolutely gobsmacked. It was a purple and white stripped jumper with a brown and cream turtle on the front of it (that looked like an upside down mushroom) and my name on the back in bright pink writing. To make it worse, when I didn’t want to put it on, she put on an old lady face and with a sniffle said “Aww I thought you would really love it, I worked so hard on it”. I felt bad so I wore it the whole of Christmas day, and to add to it we went to visit all the family and she made sure everybody saw it.

Bobby-Leigh Smith

One of the best things about Christmas is getting presents and it seems to me that the younger you are the more exciting Christmas is. However, even as you get older the excitement of waking up to presents is still there. One of the other things that’s great about Christmas is when you see younger children opening their presents and the excitement on their faces when they see what “Santa” gave them. The atmosphere at Christmas is usually very cheerful unless that certain cook burns the Christmas dinner (yes, you mum). At Christmas I personally enjoy putting up the decorations. We decorate the Christmas tree with bright blue flashing lights as well as red and white baubles. However, I mostly enjoy decorating the fireplace with fake snow, glitter and Santa ornaments. My sister and my mum help me with this. This reminds me that the most important thing about Christmas is spending quality time with family members.

Chloe Adams

The atmosphere at Christmas time is always the best time of the year with Christmas music and the singing bands outside playing in the town to get everyone’s spirit up. The big massive Christmas tree in the center of the town just makes everything better and everyone’s moods changes when all the decorations are up as the lights in town are so bright. The town centre is always mobbed with mums and dads rushing about trying to get the last minute stuff and trying to find chickens and turkeys everywhere, since they're all sold out. Then you get mums arguing over people getting the last toy and how they wanted it and all you hear in the background is “Get lost - I got it first, you were too late.” That’s not always a good thing. You also get the odd person running about town with a Santa hat on. Presents! Everyone loves getting new things at Christmas. There was one year I ruined it for myself. I went up to where the presents were kept just to have a wee nosey to see what I had. But when it came to Christmas day and I was sitting in the living room with my mum watching every present I open I had to pretend I hadn’t seen them and that I was really happy with what I got. Now I wish I never looked at what I had because it wasn’t the same opening them on the day.

Chelsea Wallace

I couldn’t get to sleep one night so I got out of bed and went to the landing and I heard my Mum and Dad going out and coming back in with christmas presents. There were about 25 presents in total so I went back to bed and tried to sleep but I couldn’t all of this was on christmas Eve. I woke up and I went down stairs and I saw stacks of presents on the two chairs and on the couch. I waited for ten minutes before waking my Mum and Dad and my two brothers. Everything was neatly laid out in order - my brothers' presents were on the chairs and my presents were on the couch. We had about the same amount of presents so we just tore into the bright wrapping paper to find out what we had.

Josh Fulton

Christmas dinner is something that we all look forward to, no matter our age. You never hear any complaining from anyone - except for those who don’t like the Brussels sprouts. Of course, some families order an Indian or a Chinese meal for their Christmas dinner every year. Pigs in blankets are another favourite that everyone loves! The Grand Finale is always the dessert - the second best bit in the three courses. For me, the turkey is definitely the best - the mouth watering and succulent pieces soaked in gravy.

Keith Thomson

I was eagerly looking forward to Christmas holiday and it came before I knew it! My sister came just before the holidays to spark up my holidays because I have been really  close to her. It was also good to get a break from the school. However I hate the hostile weather outside - whenever I peak through the side window there are always clouds lurking near the house. Despite this I really appreciated the atmosphere at my house as everyone gathered together for the celebration. The house was all decked up like a bride: there was the coloured lighting, decorations hung on the walls and the Christmas tree was up. The vibrant colors just brightened up my face. But there were still one real flaw - I miss family members from my home land.                                                                                                                        

Asma ahmed

At christmas one of my favourite things is putting up the decorations.  I like how everyone helps and no one is left out and I like getting the decorations down from the attic in the big brown boxes, as it makes me feel excited.  Last year when we were bringing the boxes down, one of the bottoms of the boxes broke and everything fell out!  I like it when the lights are all on and the Christmas tree lights up - when everything sparkles and everything is all set up. I love to look at all the pretty decorations.  We have this Ferris wheel that lights up and goes round and I could just watch it all day.  It also brings the family together because everyone helps.  Jennifer Carey, S1.

My favourite thing about Christmas is when my family and friends come over because it's a fun time and we have a carry on. Its good for me because I get to see my relatives that I haven't seen in a while and catch up on the gossip. My family is a good laugh so it's always a good Christmas.  Katy Maguire S1

One of my favourite things is when we decorate our house with decorations for Christmas. We usually do this on the 12th of December every year - it's like a family tradition we have. It is always me and my mum that put them up. We always put on Christmas music and turn it up as loud as it can go and jump around like weirdos. We get most excited when "winter wonderland" comes on. We always put up sparkly silver stickers on the windows and colourful fairy lights up on the wall. Once we have finished we put up our dark green tree and put loads of different coloured tinsel and baubles on the tree. Once that is done we put our Christmas lights on our tree and put our presents for other friends and family under it. I think it is a special time for me and my mum to have quality time together.  Shannon Allison S1.

The thing I love about Christmas is presents. You get loads and the best thing is they all surprise you. I wake up and go down stairs to find my presents and my little sister too. When all my family come round - like my gran, papa , aunties and uncles - it's quite embarrassing because your gran buys you a Barbie and your like 12. It's still really good when they come round and you really take what you're given and like it. That's what I love about Christmas.   Leonie McAvoy, S1.

I really like all sorts of Christmas Lights because they brighten up the Christmas period when it gets dark.  Lights bring the joy into Christmas.  It is fun going round all the houses and looking at people's lights on their Christmas Trees.  I like it when the tree lights go all different colours as I find it very fascinating and it makes my day feel Christmassy.  I think lights are a big part of Christmas.  Kilmarnock should keep on the tradition of lighting up the town centre for future years because it makes me happy and brightens up all the long dark nights.  Erin Rutherford, S1.