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2D1 Story                                                                                                              May 2007
The Strange

Case of the

Missing Phone

by class

It was last period on Thursday and 2D1 had just come out of P.E. The sun was shining in the sky, there was not a cloud to be seen and the tarmac was burning hot. 2D1 had just reached the English class, and all the other sections had arrived at their classes, so the playground was completely empty. The only thing that could be seen was a seagull that had swooped down to eat a crisp. Everyone was roasting, as it was such a hot day.

It was a little bit cooler in English, but everyone was still feeling really warm after running around at PE - especially Andrew, as he came in with his T-shirt off.

Once they were in their seats, the teacher told them what they would be doing and everyone sighed!

The teacher gave out the books and jotters, and everybody started to read. There were sirens going off outside and the sounds of shouting and laughter. People ran to the window and the teacher said, “Get back to your seats now!” So everybody went back to their seats and had their heads down working. The room was silent. All that could be heard was the sound of sirens fading into the distance.

Suddenly the silence was interrupted when Dylan felt in his pockets. “Oh no!" he exclaimed, someone has stolen ma phone at P.E. See when ah find oot who has stolen it . . . my mum is going to kill me!”

Grant said to Dylan, “Why not phone it?”
Dylan replied, “That's a good idea Grant. Please do that.”
When Grant went to phone it, the room went quiet. The only thing you could hear was the phone going beep.

Then suddenly a ringing came from Kenny's bag. Everyone looked at Kenny.
Kenny's face suddenly looked shocked. “I have been framed!”

“Hey, listen to you!" Jackson laughed. "You know this isn't an episode of Taggart!” Kenny didn't know what to say.

Dylan stood up and pointed at Kenny. Dylan said, “ Ah thought you were ma pal!”
Kenny replied, “Whit are you talking aboot? Ah huvnae stole your phone! You're talking rubbish!”
Dylan said, “Answer it, and see who's talking rubbish.”

Kenny took the phone from his bag and held it up to his ear. "Hello.." he mumbled. The room was silent and then Kenny laughed."It's my mum," he said.
"Yeah, sure it is!" said Dylan.
"Just listen, smart guy." Kenny held his phone out and switched it on to loudspeaker. Kenny's mum said that their house had been burgled and she was coming to collect him.

“Oops, ” said Grant, staring at his phone,“wrong number – I'm sorry. I didn't realise." He turned to Dylan. "You come here, and you can dial the right number this time.”

Dylan went over to where Grant was sitting and carefully punched his own number into Grant's phone. Everyone sat in silence as Dylan went back to his seat and waited.....
To be continued...........

Don't miss the dramatic conclusion to the Strange Case of the Missing phone.