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KA Music Club

Welcome to K.A. Music Club. Here you can


Biffy Clyro
The Trashcans are the best band you've never heard of - and they
're better than the ones you have heard of as well! Throughout the

1990's, the Trashcans were based at their own Shabby Road Studios
at Glencairn Square in Kilmarnock. During that time they released
three albums on Go Discs.
These days they are based in Glasgow, although they have toured a
fair bit over the past year or so both in the UK and in the USA, pro
- moting their fourth album Weightlifting.

Link -
Albums/mp3 -Beggars Banquet                          
Video - Beggars Banquet  
(Check out My Recovery Injection, Questions and Answers)
All My Logic
All my Logic, fronted by KA former pupil Kris Lawrence,are a
Kilmarnock based three-piece with a high energy,emotionally
charged sound which has gained them a strong fan base in
their home town and beyond. Today the band's influences

range from Joni Mitchell to Dillinger Escape Plan, these influences
supported by the band's drive and determination has given them
an inspiring style of their own! Rock 'n Roll! NO LESS x x x The Lads
have also supported influencial bands like 'The Holiday Plan' ,
'This Girl' and 'Span'.g.

Link -
mp3 -