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Well done to all the S1 and S2 pupils who took part in the Readers Cup Quiz in the library on Thursday.
Congratulations to 1W and 2F who were the winners.
The team for the final is:
                       Ben Weir, Laura Miller, Grant Semple and Abby Hopes.
Could Ben and Laura please collect their books from the library today please?
After looking at the votes cast by other team members, I have chosen Jack Park and Robyn McDowall as reserves.
Grant Wilson, Erin Mowat, Jennie Shearin, Eilidh Raeburn, Kate McIntosh and Greg Bulloch are also invited to come along and support our team. See me in the library for more information.

Miss Black (Librarian)


This has been a very exciting term for us. Once again, barely a week goes by when there isn’t a positive news story in the local press regarding the successes of our students and staff.  From a truly superb Burns Supper to seeing our S3 students work with local entrepreneurs in our industry awareness days, the fantastic coverage of our achievements in F1 Challenge, our well earned praise as an international school and indeed the successes of our wonderful girls’ football team demonstrates the commitment and efforts of staff, students and the community in making sure we are one of the most successful schools in East Ayrshire.  On top of this, we have nominated a range of staff for the forthcoming National Education Awards; Mr Kerr has again been nominated for a lifetime achievement award having received national coverage last year and having spent all his career to date working in Kilmarnock Academy.  We have also nominated our Connect staff for their work in building a range of alternative curricular opportunities for students who find mainstream education difficult

The key to our continued success is undoubtedly the sheer hard work and determination of our staff and students.  Be under no illusion however; if we truly want to be recognised as the best school in East Ayrshire, we must also ensure that all our students receive a quality service tailored to their individual needs, aptitudes and aspirations and receive support and challenge to gain the best possible qualifications in national Examinations.

As you will know, we continue to work very hard to establish and affirm our core values and an ethos of high standards and expectations across the school. Our new systems for target setting along with a very robust approach to monitoring and tracking student progress provide fantastic support and challenge to enable students to achieve their potential, including mentoring as appropriate....which is NOT punitive, but rather an additional support to ensure students either get back on track or indeed stay on track for success at final exams in May.

Despite all we do however, I do still sense a lack of ambition in some of our students which needs to be addressed. The work ethic must be emphasised for all our young people, especially in challenging times.  However, I am gratified in knowing that in working closely with parents and carers, and ensuring that you have all the information on your child’s progress that we are indeed working in partnership to ensure the best possible results for your children. The school will continue to develop ways of ensuring that we continue to build this partnership for success.

So as we approach the Easter break it is crucial that for our S4/5/6 students they use the time to best advantage and should see the break as extended study time. I would ask your support in this. It is quite simply imperative that we ensure that the Easter break is used productively and to ensure that our students are as successful as they can be, and able to take advantage of this as they move onto further education, training or work

Have a peaceful but productive break!

Mr Paterson, Head Teacher                                                                                                                                                         27.3.2013



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