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Scottish Youth Theatre - Activities 2008

Booking Information

For information on how to book please email info@scottishyouththeatre.org or call (0141) 552 3988

New courses coming soon, keep checking the website www.scottishyouththeatre.org

All Fees can be paid in instalments. Advice on funding is also available.

Scottish Youth Theatre reserves the right to cancel or change the courses listed.

Discounts for siblings available on some courses. Contact Scottish Youth Theatre for details.

Weekly Classes

Classes in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Ages: 3- 4 s, 5-7s, 8-10s, 11-14s & 15-25s (Glasgow/Edinburgh)

6-8s, 9-12s, 13-14s 15-25s ( Aberdeen )


Spring term         ‘ Theatre Skills '           10th Jan - 16th March £95

Summer term       ‘ Theme '                    24th April - 29th June £95

Winter term         ‘ Winter Festival '         18th Sept - 30th Nov £100

Specialist Skills Courses                                         £100

Acting for Camera specialist skills course in Glasgow

Ages: 8-10s, 11-14s & 15-25s


Wed 13th Feb - Sun 16th March       8-10s , Saturdays 10-1pm

                                                      11-14s , Sundays 10-1pm

                                                      15-25s , Wednesdays 6-9pm

Easter Courses                                                        £150


Introduction to Musical Theatre Edinburgh                    One week Musical Glasgow

Ages: 8-11s & 12-16s                                              Ages: 8-11s & 12-16s

Dates: Tues 25th - Sat 29th March                            Dates: Mon 7th - Sat 12th April

Summer Festival

‘Summer Festival' performance courses in Aberdeen, Edinburgh & Glasgow

Ages: 8-11s, 12-15s, 14-16s , 16-21s & 16-25s.


Juniors Course for 8-11s
                                   Foundation Course for 12-15s

7th - 12th July in Edinburgh                             7th - 19th July in Aberdeen & Glasgow

11th - 16th August in Glasgow £100                14th - 26th July in Edinburgh £250

5 week' Performance and Production Course         Intermediate Course for 14-16s

Acting, Directing or Choreography for 16-21s      21st July - 9th August £400

7th July - 9th Aug in Glasgow £600

Technical Theatre Course for 14-21s                  Virtual Theatre for 16-25s

7th July - 9th Aug in Glasgow £600                  Advanced Skills Course

                                     1 st - 7 th Sept.                                      in Glasgow £300

October Courses                                             £150

Acting for Camera Course in Glasgow                  Acting for Camera Course in Edinburgh

Ages: 8-11s & 12-16s                                     Ages: 8-11s & 12-16s

Dates: Mon 13th - Sat 18th October                 Dates: Mon 20th - Sat 25th October