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 Class of 96/97 Reunion (those who started first year in August 1991)


 DATE - SAT. 14th MAY 2011

 TIME - 6pm - 1am

                      LONDON ROAD, KILMARNOCK
 TICKET COST - £11 (this  includes paypal  booking fee, £10 if paying cash)

 Please note this is to cover all costs: venue, deco,  music, buffet - monies left over will be donated to  Children 1st Scottish charity.


We are all getting together for a very special night on Saturday 14th May at the Foxbar Inn, Kilmarnock. The fun begins early at 6pm and will go on right through till 1am! Information on purchasing tickets for the evening is included further down this page. Ex-pupils can buy their tickets through paypal - your ticket will then be posted out to you. There is also an option of paying for tickets with cash, through myself or Gavin - email or call me for details. As mentioned previously, this is a non-profitable event and any monies left over at the end will be donated to Scottish charity, Children 1st.

There will also be a special tribute to those we have lost along the way. 

Teachers from our era are welcome to join us on the evening as special guests (no ticket charge!!!lol).

Please note that we did try to book a band as a surprise for everyone but it was far too expensive to include in the ticket price - to avoid any disappointment I thought I would mention it. However, on the night, we do have an old-school DJ playing all the tracks from the 90s and of course a special performance from DJ Gavin Lindsay who you may remember from the school discos. The most important thing is that we have the opportunity to get together and share a special night out - one to remember!

Nina Anderson xx


Nina Anderson: redkangeroo@hotmail.com (please spell  kangaroo in this way!) or call 07922 511530

 Gavin Lindsay: gavinlrocks@talktalk.net   
 Steven Corbett: s.corbett@hotmail.co.uk

 Elaine McCulloch:  elainemcculloch9@gmail.com                

 or join the Facebook group page.


You can pay through my paypal account or by  transferring money into my Bank of Scotland bank  account - please email first for details. If you would  like to pay by cash, send me a text or e-mail me and  we can arrange a convenient meeting point.
 If paying through transfer or paypal please e-mail me  your address for your ticket to be posted. I am hoping  the paypal link on my email will work as we are unable  to add a payment button on to the school website.                                                     


Rooms at the Foxbar Hotel have  been block-booked at a discount  price for the weekend of the reunion  so contact organisers if you require  a room at the Inn!

 If you want to preview the  accommodation available then visit  the Foxbar Hotel's website by  clicking here.



e-mail : redkangeroo@hotmail.com                                                 tel: 01563 525509