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Health and Safety in School

General rules of behaviour

Walk in corridors and on stairs, keeping to the left hand side.

On entering classrooms, remove outdoor jackets, scarves and gloves. Bags, jackets and seats should not cause obstruction to others in the room.

Pay close attention to teacher instructions and follow these instructions.

Pupils should not interfere with any equipment or electric outlets which are not intended for their use.

All equipment to be used in line with prior instructions.

Exit from and entry to classrooms to be done in an orderly fashion.

Due attention to be given to natural hazards in classrooms and corridors furniture and fittings, lintels and stairs, cables, books and equipment, bags and jackets.

Maintain good posture when sitting at desks or computers; do not swing or lean over in chairs.

Pupils must act in a safe and responsible manner at all times.

The school should be informed of specific issues such as allergies or sensitivities.

No facial piercings allowed in school.


Practical subjects 

In all practical subject areas, pupils must wear eye protection when necessary, tie back hair, tuck in loose clothing or ties, and remove jewellery which could interfere with the activity.

Technical Department 

Pupils may only use hand or machine tools in the manner as instructed by the teacher.

Pupils must only use machines or tools for the job for which they are designed.

Pupils must observe the safety signs on machines before use.

Pupils must report any damaged or broken tools to the teacher immediately.

Pupils must look after tools and equipment.

Pupils must not interfere maliciously with other pupils' work.

All machines and benches must be cleaned and brushed down when finished with.


Home Economics Department

Pupils must wash hands.

Pupils must remove sweatshirt and roll up long sleeves.

Pupils must wear an apron and use oven gloves when handling hot dishes.

Pupils must use knives, electrical equipment and cookers as trained to do so.

Pupils prone to skin irritation should use rubber gloves.



Pupils should not share username or password with other pupils.

Pupils should be careful about placing personal information on networking sites such as Bebo or Facebook.

Pupils must follow all the procedures and restrictions as detailed in East Ayrshire's use of ICT policy.


Art and Design

Pupils to follow art department code of practice in the use of hot and cold glue guns.

Safety glasses to be worn when using the sewing machine.

Care to be exercised in the use of the iron and ironing board.

Pupils cannot use tools or machinery in the staff base or jewellery store without prior instruction on safety procedures.

Enamelling kiln, slow cooker and blow torches to be used only under teacher supervision.

Gloves to be worn when using blow torch.



Science Departments

Pay close attention to all safety warnings, instructions and specific hazards.

No eating or drinking in laboratories.

Wash hands after experiments or dissections.

Report all breakages or spillages to the teacher.

Place broken glass in the correct bin.

No running or horseplay in laboratories.

Use care in handling living material..

Wear protective clothing as instructed by the teacher.

No materials to be taken from laboratories.


Physical Education

No jewellery, including body piercings, to be worn at any time.

Suitable clothing to be worn for physical activity, including trainers.

No eating or gum chewing during physical activity.

No entry to any PE area without specific instruction from PE staff



All faults in equipment to be reported to the teacher.

Brass and woodwind pupils to have their own mouthpieces.

Pupils to follow instructions in the use of equipment and the proper way to carry instruments to prevent accidents and injuries.

Pupils only to use electrical sound or lighting equipment with adult supervision.

Pupils must not move bulky or heavy equipment, climb access equipment or scenery, or use steps or ladders.