Fantasy/Science Fiction

 "People say that life is the thing, but  I prefer reading." - Logan Pearsall  Smith

 "Reading maketh a full man." -  Francis Bacon

 "The reading of good books is like a  conversation with the best men of  past centuries." - Rene Descartes

 "A good book is the precious  life- blood of a master spirit." - John  Milton

 "A good book is the best of friends,  the same today and for ever." -  Martin Tupper

 "All books are either dreams or  swords, You can cut, or you can  drug, with words." - Amy Lowell

 "People die, but books never die." -  Franklin D. Roosevelt

 "Books do furnish a room." -  Anthony Powell

 "Books think for me." - Charles  Lamb

 "A good book is the purest essence  of a human soul." - Thomas Carlyle

 "The proper study of mankind is  books." - Aldous Huxley

 "I have rather studied books than  men." - Francis Bacon


Junior pupils, S1-S4, may borrow 2 items.
These items can be either 2 books or 1 book and 1 Magazine or a tape or a video.
Books/tapes may be borrowed for 2 weeks.
Videos may be borrowed for 2 days.

Senior pupils, S5-S6, may borrow 3 items.
Books/tapes may be borrowed for 4 weeks.
Videos may be borrowed for 2 days.

Staff may borrow up to 99 books for 8 weeks.

Books may be returned at any time. If you wish to keep a book longer than the allowed time, then it may be renewed provided that no-one else is wanting to read it. Any book out on loan may be reserved. No fines are imposed but overdue notes are sent out each month. If overdue books are not returned after this first overdue note, a second note will go to the year head a month later. If the books are still not returned after another month, a letter is sent from the Headteacher to the parent or guardian and one credit for the Triple 'P' awards is deducted. if these very overdue books are not returned, then pupils will be banned from borrowing. Pupils who lose books have to pay for the book/books or donate a book/books of equivalent value.