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'Kilmarnock and the Arts' by Siobhan Beck                                                                       


Hi Everyone,

I attended the Academy from 1995-2001, and I'd like to thank all the teachers who made my school experience worthwhile! We don't say it very often but we do appreciate you.
Having spent the last 7 years pregnant (well it feels like it- I have four children now) I have finally returned to education. I am at Jordanhill, in my first year of a BEd Primary course - and LOVING it! I'm sure there will be some teachers out there disappointed I'm not the next Picasso, but I do occassionally have some work in exhibitions, and I do sell them!! I have fond memories of Mr Dickson telling me how I was his favourite art student (even though he was my English teacher for three years!!) And the morning he came in having choked on his toast when he read about my 'Kilmarnock and the Arts' mural in The Scotsman. I often wonder if any of my paintings have survived?!
 I'd especially like to thank Mr Reid for having almost no faith in the ditzy blonde (who spent most of 6th year in painting overalls) getting an 'A' in Higher English. And by doing so spurring me on..!! Wouldn't be where I am without it!
It is sad to see so many of the old faces are gone, Mr McGarry, Mr Kleboe, Mr McDonald, Mr Dick, Mrs Kulma... I do find it funny that the English department is almost unchanged though.
And now PE teachers are running the school- what is the world coming to??!!!
As a final note - do you still have your beautiful Huskies??
Please pass on my regards to those who still haven't forgotten me,
Siobhan Callaghan (Beck) xxx


It was good to hear from former pupil Siobhan Beck who painted the Kilmarnock mural in Mr Dickson's room, way back in 2000. The mural is still adding some colour and style to Mr Dickson's lessons and many pupils still ask about the artist and the contents of the picture. The mural featured in The Scotsman and also made the front page of the more prestigious Kilmarnock Standard click here.