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Request from Fiona Addleton (Riach)                                                                              
I am a former KA pupil, having attended the school from 1968-73. On leaving, I went to Craigie College, Ayr and did a B.Ed in conjunction with Strathclyde University. After teaching in the Highlands for five years, I was lucky enough to get a job teaching in the British School in Islamabad, Pakistan, where I met my husband who is an American diplomat working in development with USAID, (the United States Agency for Intenational Development). Since then I have only returned to Scotland on vacation and have lived (and sometimes taught) in Pakistan, Yemen, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Mongolia, and Cambodia. Presently we are living in Brussels, which has given me the chance to pop over to Kilmarnock at will.
My great-uncle, William Miller, 7th Battalion, Cameron Highlanders, is on your website's Roll of Honour. He died in July 1917 and is buried here in Belgium, just outside Ypres. Would you have any of his writings in The Gold Berry archives? He attended the academy from 1910 till he went to Glasgow University in 1913 or 1914. He studied Literature and took part in debates. There is a good description of him on the Roll of Honour. Your description of him was used recently when I managed to correct a mistake on the Glasgow University Roll of Honour--they had him listed as having survived the war.
Also, I am attaching a photo which I found after an elderly aunt died last November. Her maiden name was Mary Greenshield Miller Scobie. I know the family lived in Darvel until 1932/33, when they moved to Fullarton Street, Kilmarnock. By 1938/39 they were in Stewarton. In the photo, my aunt is in the front row on the right. Is it possible to find out if this was taken at Kilmarnock Academy and if so, in what year it was taken? I notice two of the girls have a distictive badge on their tunics. Do you know what it is? Also we heard that this aunt was dux of the Academy--she was born in 1922, so maybe could be on a list somewhere for 1937/38/39. Would you be able to tell us if this is indeed true? The photographer was J.R. Prophet, 487 Shields Road, Glasgow.
I enjoyed reading the comments of former pupils. Is there a gallery of photos? I noticed you were asking for information on four photos. The one on the top right has Marion Rogers in the centre of the front row. She was in my year. I recognise other faces but can't think of the names. I think if you looked in the year books for 1969-73 you would find that photo.
All the best, and looking forward to hearing from you,
Fiona Addleton, nee Riach