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Hello! from Bill McClung - Oak Park, Illinois   

Good Afternoon...

I'm Bill McClung (once known as William), one of the globe-trotting former pupils you refer to, having left KA in 1965 - I now reside in Oak Park, IL (Illinois) USA... which is famous for some of it's (former) sons and residents... namely:

Frank LLoyd Wright - Architecht http://www.oprf.com/flw/
Ernest Hemingway - Author http://www.ehfop.org/
Edgar Rice Burroughs - Author http://www.tarzan.org/
Dan Castellaneta - Actor http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0144657/ (best know as the voice of Homer Simpson of "The Simpsons"

But few folk in Ayrshire will know Oak Park - so we just say Chicago - although technically we are outside the city limits and are the first suburb west of the city.

I moved here in 1994 after a career in Banking and Finance then IT - My last UK employer was National & Provincial Building Society in Bradford, now part of the Abbey Group, where I was responsible for the training of the branch staff on the Windows environment using an interface we had designed and built in-house.

Before the downturn of the IT market in the US in 2002, I was a project manager with a division of EDS (Electronic Data Systems) called Solcorp.  My team and I was responsible for the design and build of the base of INGENIUM which is the core of the insurance industry's administration system - Insurance companies worldwide bought the base and hired our consultants to implement the integration with existing systems. http://www.eds.com/industries/financial/solcorp/ 

For the past 6 years I have owned and operated my own business, the K9 Cookie Company - a Bakery and Boutique for Dogs... A 180 degree turn about from IT and Corporate America...

While I'm called the President of the Corporation - I also do the baking, along with my staff, and the customer service, the buying and selling, the ordering, the accounts, the taxes, the hiring (I haven't had to fire anyone here)  - but I don't clean the toilets - I have some people for that...

I also own and operate Sheltie Shortbread - Yes I produce traditional Scottish Shortbreads - Well if you can call Pecan flavour and Cranberry flavour traditional...  We have won some awards for our baking - both the shortbread and the dog products - which include about 35 unique flavours and textures of cookie and over 10 types of birthday cakes...  We also help with dog rescue and adoption groups and have supported the local Scottish Home (a retirement, assisted living and nursing home for seniors) http://www.thescottishhome.org/  which organises the annual Illinois Highland Games which we also attend.

I have been using Friends ReUnited web site to contact several former pupils with some success - You need to establish a link to this site www.Friendsreunited.co.uk ).

I have travelled back to Kilmarnock several times - Shocked at what they did to the old Tech Building!

and I still have family in the area... My son Stuart is a Strathclyde Police Officer.  In a few years I hope to retire back to Scotland, specifically to the Isle of Skye where we have vacationed for many years...  but it's a big job - Amongst other things you have to dispose of all your electrical appliances as they won't work in the UK - something to remember if you ever move out here...

Feel free to contact me with any questions...



To see Bill being interviewed at work click here.