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KA Launches Trophy Appeal


Kilmarnock Academy has a long tradition of sporting achievement, and school sports records go back almost 100 years. Nowadays there are six annual athletics championships for which the pupils can enter, with fine silver trophies as prizes for the winners.

The oldest of these competitions – established in 1918 - is the senior boys’ championships, for which the Copland Cup is awarded. The Turner Cup - the competition for junior boys - followed in 1924, and the Eric Clark Cup for girls began in 1925. It was the 1970s & 80s before the trophies for the other competitions came into being.

What of the benefactors who presented the early trophies to the school? Stephen King, the school Librarian and Archivist, and Lesley Hamilton, a member of the PE department, have been tracking down information. We know that R. D. Copland lived in London Road, Kilmarnock and was a manager in the Royal Steam Packet Company.There are grainy photographs of him, in the sports records, but little other information other than the fact that he was a former pupil of the Academy.

Another FP, J. Harling Turner, was the Ayrshire agent for the Duke of Portland’s estates and was an influential man in many areas of life. Amongst other things, he was the first captain of Kilmarnock (Barassie) Golf Club, and during the First World War was an advisor to the war cabinet on agricultural policy. He lived at Cessnock Castle at Galston, where he raised his family.

We think that the Eric Clark Cup was named after the son of James Clark, Rector of Kilmarnock Academy (1907-26). He certainly had a son called Eric, but have so far been unable to ascertain why he wished to name an athletics cup after him.

For over 90 years, pupils of Kilmarnock Academy have competed in the sports competitions, which in earlier times including swimming events held in the school swimming pool – long since demolished. The trophy winners took their prizes home and the cups have graced many a local sideboard for the year following the recipient’s success. Perhaps the best known sporting FP is R.C. (Cameron) Sharp, winner of the Turner Cup in 1973. Cameron went on to represent his country in many athletics events: He won a silver medal for Great Britain in the 1982 European Championships 200m race, and won one gold and four bronze medals for Scotland in three different Commonwealth Games

Time, however, has caught up with these trophies. The competition winners will still get their names engraved on the trophies, but the cups will remain in the school for safe keeping. Instead, lasting mementos of achievements will be given out. The cups require some attention due to their age – new mahogany plinths and new silver bandings for the engraving of future winners. Each cup would require about £150 spent on it.

If you are, or a member of your family was, a winner of any of these trophies, Kilmarnock Academy would be delighted if you could make a small donation towards the restoration.  In addition, Stephen and Lesley would be delighted to hear from anyone who can supply any further information on the donors of the cups and their descendants.

All the past winners of the Copland Cup, Turner Cup and Eric Clark Cup are listed below.

Please make any cheques payable to Kilmarnock Academy. Stephen and Lesley will be happy to acknowledge all correspondence, and would be pleased to learn of sporting achievements of former pupils. If we fortunate enough to receive more donations than required for this restoration, there are plans to establish a “Sports Honours Board” to run alongside the Dux and Head Pupil boards within the school.

Please send your donations to:

Sports Cups Restoration
Kilmarnock Academy
Elmbank Drive

They will be gratefully received and faithfully applied!

 Report by Stephen King - School Librarian

The 2009 winners of the Eric Clark Cup and Copland Cup – Sophie Mulholland and Ross Menzies.

R.D.A. Willock who won the Turner Cup at Kilmarnock Academy in 1943. Dougie was also in the 1st XV rugby team.

September 2009: R.D.A. Willock reunited with the Turner Cup he won as a school boy at Kilmarnock Academy in 1943.


Presented for competition in sports amongst the boys of Kilmarnock Academy by an old boy.

1918 James S. Young 1964 Ian M. Smith
1919 James Climie 1965 Ian M. Smith
1920 Robert M. Kelly 1966 Ronald Allan
1921 William M. Y. Hill 1967 Ronald Allan
1922 David A. McGill 1968 Martin R.Norval
1923 David A. McGill 1969 Martin R. Norval
1924 David A. McGill 1970 William Tannock
1925 J. Cochran 1971 Ronald P. Stephenson
1926 Jas. Borland 1972 Hugh Whyte
1927 A. Goldie 1973 Hugh Whyte
1928 James Murray 1974 John Robertson
1929 Edgar Smith 1975 Steven Montgomery
1930 James A. Richmond 1976 John McCulloch
1931 James A. Richmond 1977 Colin S. Harris
1932 J. K. D. Dow 1978 William Steel
1933 A. Ian Ward 1979 Scott S. Grant
1934 J. K. D. Dow 1980 Stewart T. G. Porter
1934 A. Livingstone 1981 Scott S. Grant
1935 James B. Burnett 1982 Donald McIntosh
1936 James W. McGavin 1983 Richard A. G. Porter
1937 David McGill 1984 Richard A. G. Porter
1938 Ronald R. Macnaughton 1985 Iain Ferguson
1939 Ian W. Sturrock 1986 No competition
1940 Ian S. Aird 1987 James M. Y, Connelly
1941 H. Angus McColl 1988 Gordon Reid
1942 J Morton Boyd 1989 Paul J. H. Carty
1943 James R. R. Gillespie 1990 Paul J. H. Carty
1944 Tom M. Anderson 1991 Andrew Whittaker
1945 H. R. Livingston 1992 Charles Adams
1946 Donald H. Brown 1993 Alastair Drummond
1947 Ronald Alexander 1994 Alastair Drummond
1948 John A. Hamilton 1994 Scott Sherrie
1949 Robert Stevenson 1995 Alastair Drummond
1950 Lyle Robertson 1996 Alastair Kerr
1951 Lyle Robertson 1997 Neil Wilson
1952 Joseph Jardine 1998 Lewis Short
1953 William J. More 1999 Stewart Isdale
1954 Joseph Jardine 2000 Alan McCulloch
1955 James McFadzean 2001 Alan McCulloch
1956 James McFadzean 2002 No competition
1957 Ronald S. Baird 2003 No competition
1958 Stuart F. McLean 2004 Tony Glover
1959 Stuart McLean 2005 Gordon Stewart
1960 John M. Drummond 2006 No competition
1961 John M. Drummond 2007 No competition
1962 James L. Scarlett 2008 No competition
1963 David P. Good 2009 Ross Menzies


1925 N. Browm 1972 Janette Shanks
1926 N. Brown 1973 Janette Shanks
1927 N. Brown 1974 Anne M. Mathieson
1928 E. McGill 1975 Anne M. Mathieson
1929 E. McGill 1976 Sandra A. Shanks
1930 B. W. Smith 1977 Sandra A. Shanks
1931 B. W. Smith 1978 Elizabeth A. Wallace
1932 B. W. Smith 1979 Carol Ann Chisholm
1933 B. W. Smith 1980 Margaret J. Montgomery
1934 E. Wilson 1981 Rachael Cree
1935 E. Wilson 1982 Rachael Cree
1936 E. Wilson 1982 Anne M. Ridley
1937 Elspeth Lochhead 1983 Marie C.D.Littlejohn
1938 Elspeth Lochhead 1984 Jane G. Ridley
1939 Sheena Tulloch 1985 Jane G. Ridley
1940 Joan P. MacFarlane 1986 No competition
1941 Eliz. Lindsay 1987 Georgie Lightbody
1942 Madge G. Frame 1988 Lindsey Cuthbertson
1943 Helen E. Rowand 1989 Shona M. Morton
1944 No competition 1990 Linzi J. Latimer
1945 Anne Higgins 1991 Linzi J. Latimer
1945 Jean Campbell 1992 Linzi J. Latimer
1946 Jean Campbell 1993 Sally Youden
1947 Jean Campbell 1994 No competition
1948 Jean Campbell 1995 Melanie McGregor
1949 Janette Reekie 1996 Zoe McClay
1950 Moira Campbell 1997 Melanie McGregor
1951 Evelyn Wilcox 1998 Claire Lacy
1952 Ina - Mae Mooney 1999 Marie Hettrick
1953 Ina - Mae Mooney 2000 Laura Cairns
1954 Ina - Mae Mooney 2001 Laura Cairns
1955 Ina - Mae Mooney 2002 No competition
1956 Mary S. McTear 2003 No competition
1957 Mary S. McTear 2004 Lori Meikle
1958 Mary S. McTear 2005 Simone Hoy
1959 Marion D. Brown 2006 No competition
1960 Maureen Keenan 2007 No competition
1961 Maureen Keenan 2008 No competition
1962 Maureen Keenan 2009 Sophie Mulholland
1963 Maureen Keenan
1964 Jean Allan
1965 Elaine Mair
1966 Sally Smith
1967 Margaret James
1968 Margaret James
1969 Andrena Loudoun
1970 Lesley H. Martin
1971 Lesley H. Martin


Presented by J. Harling Turner for competition in sports among the junior boys of Kilmarnock Academy.
27th JUNE 1924.

1925 J. Chisholm   1971 Hugh Whyte
1926 R. Wylie   1972 Alastair Furness
1927 W. Young   1973 R. C. Sharp
1928 R. Tulloch   1974 Martin F. Ferguson
1929 W. Morton   1975 Stewart Brown
1930 J. K. D. Dow   1976 Stewart A. Miller
1931 J. K. D. Dow   1977 Alastair Wilson
1932 H. Connell   1978 Colin W. Hume
1933 J. Houston   1979 Gordon A. K. Keane
1934 R. F. Ferguson   1980 Donald T. McIntosh
1935 T. M. Smith   1981 Lawrence Hanlin
1936 Thos. Niven   1982 James Robertson
1937 Ian Sturrock   1983 Craig Hanlon
1938 Robert Gold   1984 Iain Ferguson
1939 Donald R. Taylor   1985 Bryan T. Scott
1940 John McWhirter   1986 No competition
1941 John McWhirter   1987 Gordon Reid
1942 Arthur M. Brown   1988 Stuart Galloway
1943 R. D. A. Willock   1989 Georgr A. Murray
1944 Donald H. Brown   1990 Daniel G. Cameron
1945 Hugh Hamilton   1991 Charles S. S. Adams
1946 Wm McKnight   1992 Alastair Drummond
1947 Robert Stevenson   1993 Andrew Dempster
1948 John McL. Allardyce   1993 Alastair Kerr
1948 Lyle H. J. Robertson   1994 Cameron Gillies
1949 Lyle H. j. Robertson   1995 Lewis Short
1950 George S. H. Bain   1996 Gary Logan
1951 Joseph Jardine   1997 Billy Anderson
1952 Charles P. Wilson   1998 Clinton Johnstone
1953 Charles P. Wilson   1999 Fraser Sinclair
1954 Charles G. Currie   2000 Andew Stewart
1955 Ronald S. Baird   2001 Graeme Hume
1956 Stuart F. McLean   2002 Christopher Hume
1957 John J. McGhie   2003 Gordon Stewart
1958 John M. Drummond   2004 Chris Bell
1959 John M. Drummond   2005 Jamie Glover
1960 Gordon M. Mackie   2006 No competition
1961 James Scarlett     2007 No competition
1962 George J. Watt   2008 Ross Menzies
1963 Charles Hannah   2009 No competition
1964 Iain D. Gillespie      
1964 Roger Thyne      
1965 M. R. Norval      
1966 M. R. Norval      
1967 M. R. Norval       
1968 William Tannock      
1969 R. Campbell      
1969 S. Norval      
1970 Hugh Whyte