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Session 2011/2012                  Autumn 2011 Newsletter




(At last...a photo of our new Head Teacher)

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Kilmarnock Academy is a school with a proud historical tradition. Year on year our students are supported by an extremely dedicated staff to succeed in their academic qualifications, and to develop as successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors, and most importantly, as responsible citizens.
Over this session, we will be looking closely at our school values, and asking the simple question “What kind of school are we, and what kind of school do we want to be?” We are keen to hear your views on this, and how we can improve delivery of education to your children.

As a school we are committed to recognising wider achievement alongside academic achievement. Many of our students are also high achievers in the community and participate in a wide range of activities, from helping out with the local Brownie Pack, to representing our country in international events. The key to our continued success is that we not only recognise academic success and wider achievement , but also to look to the future and focus on building our curriculum for excellence; supporting all our students to develop key skills for learning, life and work. East Ayrshire Council has also invested an additional £100 000 pounds in the school to help us support students into employment and entrepreneurship.

Like all schools, we are introducing a number of changes to our curriculum from S1-S3 to enable us to build on learning in the primary school to preparing students for exams. Over this session we are also developing systems to support and challenge our students to achieve to their potential . S4 and S5, student progress will be formally checked on a monthly basis, and we will know the students who are achieving above target, on target or indeed are below target – and put strategies in place to make sure under achieving students get back on track. We will mentor students towards their exams and we will communicate directly with you on this over the forthcoming session.

It is important for me to make the point that we see parents/carers as key partners in your children’s learning. Your views are important us, and I would urge you to contact the school should you have any suggestion or issue of concern. Each newsletter will include a tear off slip on the back page and contact detail should you wish to contact me directly.

Finally, a parents’ surgery will be held in the school every Monday from 4.00 until 5.30 where I will be available to discuss any issue without appointment.

I do hope you enjoy reading this newsletter.

Mr Paterson, Head Teacher