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Kilmarnock Academy Parent Council


 The final version of the constitution for the new Parent Council -  which replaced  the School Board in August 2007 - has been uploaded  to KA  Web.  We hope that as many parents as possible will find the  time to  look at the new format for this parents' forum and provide  some comments and feedback.  

  To e-mail your comments and suggestions to the new Parent Council   click here.

 Special thanks to Lois Cairney for providing the Minutes below.

K.A. Parent Council                                   Meeting                                        3rd May 2011


MEETING 3rd May, 2011


Present:               C Ford, A Ash-Wilson,  A Donnelly, F Smith, A Brown.

Apologies:          Councillor McKay.          

1.Welcome - A Donnelly welcomed everyone to the meeting and A Brown apologised  for missing                the previous meeting. 

  Meeting of  1st March  - minutes  were proposed by A Donnelly and seconded by A Ash-Wilson..
3. Matters arising
    There were no matters arising.

4. Correspondence
    Photograph was received of the pupils who travelled to London to take part in the Denford Formula 1    Competition.  They had a very successful trip and the Technical dept. intend to repeat the experience.
   Backchat leaflet.
   Questionnaire re McCrone report was completed by A Donnelly.  There was no time to consult with other    members. Need to encourage more parents to join the Council, letter to go out to P7 parents inviting them to the    AGM, this will also go out to all parents in the summer mailing and will include a tear-off slip to indicate if they will    attend.

5. Curriculum for Excellence
    S1 completed the year and will take part in an inter-discipline project starting next week.  The project is about    “Disaster Relief” and all departments will be involved  around that theme, and the project will last 2 weeks.  At    the moment discussing what  the theme will be for S2 next session.
    Reports - final S1 goes out in June, subject reports are agreed but still to finalise format for Literacy, Numeracy    and Health & Wellbeing - this to be decided at a meeting next week.
   Questionnaires are ready to go out to pupils but problems with the GLO system is delaying this, unable to send    e-mails to groups of pupils.
   Today received an e-mail indicating that  the criteria and curriculum for qualifications is now out, there is a link to    the SQA website to get information on assessment etc.

6. Pupil Council Report
    Minutes of meetings of 21st February and 7th March given to members, CF clarified some points.

7. School Report
    Go For Set Challenge - S2 pupils who won the Ayrshire heat are going to the final tomorrow. Challenge is to build    an eco friendly classroom.
   S3 Industrial Awareness Day was very successful.
   S1 Health Day and No Smoking Day.
   P7 Parents’ Evening was held.
   S3 exams started.
   SQA exams starting tomorrow.
   Supported Study ran through Easter holidays including the royal wedding day.  Classes were well attended.

               Easter assemblies were held, theme was Nobel Prize winners with particular mention to the KA

K.A. Parent Council                                   Meeting                              2nd November 2010




Present:                 C Ford, A Brown, A Donnelly, F McCallum, G Sharp, F Smith, I Fyfe,
                             Councillors Ross, Todd and Roberts.

Apologies:              A Ash,  D Robertson.         

1.             Welcome -  A Donnelly welcomed everyone to the meeting especially Councillors Todd and                 Roberts.

2.             Minutes
                Meeting of  4th May - minutes were proposed by F Smith and seconded by C Ford.
                Meeting of 6th October - minutes were proposed by A Brown and seconded by F McCallum.  F McCallum.           
3.             Matters arising
                There were no matters arising.
                Councillor Todd asked about the dog walker and was told that the problem seemed to have                 ceased after it was reported to the police.  He also asked about dog fowling in the playing fields                 in general and was told that the PE staff often had to clean it up.  Councillor Todd said he would                 report this to the police and the wardens.  CF would pass this on to the PE staff.

4.             Correspondence
                There was no correspondence.

5.             Curriculum for Excellence
                During recent in-service days staff were concentrating on assessment and reporting, draft S1                 interim report has been approved and will go out shortly.  Final report needs results  so this is still                 being worked on.  HMI have suspended inspections until January and will visit soon to assist with                 this. They will do a presentation on what they have seen elsewhere followed by discussion on                 the way forward.
                Staff starting to flesh out S2 courses for S1 pupils going on to S2.
                LP meeting recently looked at literacy which is a big issue for everyone.  Looking at ways for non                 English teachers to be trained on techniques to help pupils with literacy to help improve levels.

6.             Pupil Council
                CF went over the minutes of the meetings held on  4th October and 1st November.
                Charities selected - Food for Africa and Ayrshire Hospice will be the main ones as well as our                 usual efforts for eg. Children in Need.
                Request for more litter bins and shelter for rainy days (at the moment shelter is the dining hall).
                Heating in school is either too hot or too cold.
                School discos not selling enough tickets but use of the Old Academy hall was a smaller more                 suitable venue.
                School bell was a few minutes fast - this has now been corrected.
                Finance week - Mr Rick Wright talking about Regeneration of Kilmarnock town centre, there will                   be another talk on this in January or February. Councillors explained that this regeneration is                 being funded by Government and European money, with a small amount from the Council.

7.             School Report
                Reports - S4 interim gone out and S1 interim to follow shortly.
                Finance Week - all depts included money issues in their lessons.  Some pupils given one pound to                 make money, winner made 60.00. Whole school events being held in lunchtimes, and bag packing                 in ASDA  on Hallowe’en  raised 500.00 for school funds.  (Councillor Todd commended the pupils                 in ASDA for their good manners.)
                Second staff pupil lunch held catered by the Hospitality pupils, librarian who gives platelets                 regularly to the NHS spoke about this procedure to encourage pupils to become blood donors. 
                KA had a stand at the Parents Open Day
                Women into Physics conference in Edinburgh, some pupils attended this with great success.                  Councillor Todd recommended “Business Breakfasts” with local businesses to promote liaison. CF                 agreed and said that various depts have cultivated links with local businesses and that the                 Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce is of great help with this.
                1940’s day marking 70th Anniversary of the Blitz - various things planned including a Tea Dance                   in the morning - staff and pupils will be dressed up in the fashion of that era.

8.             Playing Field Update
                Meeting mid November so will update at next meeting.

9.             Financial Report
                LC apologised that there was no report available.

10.            A.O.C.B.
                Planned raffle to raise funds for the school.  Agreed to purchase 2000 tickets, order for printing                 to be made by the school and paid from PC Admin budget.  Some local businesses to be                 contacted asking for donations of prizes, pupils to be asked to sell tickets and there will be a                 prize for the pupil who sells the most.  Draw to be made at the Christmas Concert.  No permit is                 required for a one off raffle.

                GS asked that Pupil Council be asked to consider a donation to Mr Bircham, school chaplain, for                 the audio cassettes for blind/partially sighted people.  CF to pass this to Pupil Council.

                Steering group minutes - there has to be a correction on a comment made by A Donnelly.
                PC members concerned about steering group consultation on budget matters - no word about                 these meetings and timeframe for reporting back to councils not clear.

                It was agreed that councillors present at meetings would receive minutes at the same time as                 parent council members.  Other councillors would receive minutes after they were approved by                 the parent council.


                Next meeting on 7th December - this to be a social event, LC to book Da Vinci’s as usual.  Please                 let LC know if you cannot manage this date. 

K.A. Parent Council                                   Meeting                              24th August 2010



24TH  AUGUST, 2010



Present:     C Ford,  F McCallum, A Donnelly, A Brown, F Smith, A Ash, D Robertson, 
                Councillor McKay.


1.             Welcome
                A Donnelly took the chair in the absence of A Howard.
                A Donnelly welcomed everyone to the 3rd AGM of the Kilmarnock Academy Parent Council.
                Special welcome to newcomer Deirdre Robertson.

2.             Apologies
                A Howard, J Weadon

3.             Minutes of last AGM
                Proposed  by F Smith, seconded by A Brown.

4.             Selection of New Members
                One new member was appointed - Mrs Deirdre Robertson.

5.             Election of Office Bearers
                A Howard stood down as Chairperson.
                A Donnelly was elected Chairperson.
                F McCallum  was elected Vice Chairperson.
                L Cairney agreed to continue as clerk.

6.             Changes to the Constitution
                There were no changes to the constitution.  Members were issued with a copy.

7.             Dates of meetings
                Tuesday 5th October, 2010
                Tuesday 2nd November, 2010
                Tuesday 7th December, 2010 (Social evening)
                Wednesday 2nd  February, 2011
                Tuesday 1st March, 2011
                Tuesday 3rd May, 2011 (Councillor McKay logged her apologies for the meeting).
                Tuesday 7th June, 2011 (Social evening)

8.             A.O.C.B.
                School update :-
                Old academy floor has been replaced.
                Main entrance to the school has been resurfaced, but cannot be used until handrails are installed                 at the stairs.
                Girls’ Gym roof has been repaired, ceiling replaced.  Will still be out of use for the next few                 weeks, using fields at the moment.

                Exam results - 4th year results were a bit disappointing at credit level while general and                 foundation level were a bit better.  The results were basically what staff were expecting given                 previous test results from that year group. This was in spite of several initiatives put in place to                 encourage pupils.
                5th & 6th Year results were good.

                Staffing - pretty stable at the moment, 2 vacancies, posts advertised, and cover is in place.
                Mrs Lightbown left the Art Dept. and Mr Kirkwood has taken over Art along with IT and                 Technical. Mrs Walker is new DHT and Mr Ramsay returned to PT Music.
                Jazz band is appearing in the Edinburgh Festival this month, 2 performances.
                We have 3 NQT’s in Geography, Music and Bus Studies. (last year we had 5 who have all secured                 full time posts throughout Scotland.)
                Physics Dept - Mr Murdoch taking responsibility for this working with Mrs Ford.
                Visit to Edinburgh Book Festival planned for 2nd year pupils.
                Foreign trips are being organised - Paris  (may be in partnership with Doon Academy) and                 Valencia Football trip (this one perhaps too expensive., so may not be feasible).
                Playing Fields - L Hamilton at last meeting, some things are being changed, will update at next                 meeting. We have enough pitches at the moment, and will be using Scott Ellis fields when work                 starts. Tenders are being sought for the building, still on target for 2014 but should ideally be up                 and running form 2012/ 2013 so that teams can be encouraged to use it  for training prior to                 London Olympics.

                Pupil with allergies to aerosol sprays - test have been done and no epi pen needed for the                 moment,               
                Fresh air seems to ease symptoms.  Pupils to be asked to be aware of this and not use in school.                 Severe reaction noted from Revlon Pink Charlie, but other brands may have similar effects.

                Incidents of drinks being thrown  about - pupils to be reminded about CCTV coverage spotting                 misbehaviour and the consequences of such behaviour.

                Curriculum for Excellence - overall structure had slight change to increase PE time.  All depts are                 doing their best and curriculum is in place.  Need to work out how best to do assessment and                 reporting, formats are being worked on.  Twice yearly assessments will be made to monitor that                 pupils retain what they learn, ie assessments on more than one learning outcome.
                Interdisciplinary learning is being looked at as we want quality not quantity, moving slowly here.
                Working on going forward to 2nd year but waiting for national plans for exams.
                HMIE coming in to help with the new curriculum within the next few months;
                Adv  Highers at KA this year - Maths, English, Music, Art and Graphic Communication.
                Visiting pupils from St Joseph’s Academy and Grange Academy to join these classes.
                Adv Physics at St Joseph’s Academy.
                Adv Chemistry and Biology at Kilmarnock College.

                Destinations for 5th & 6th year pupils - now have all the info so this will be done asap.

                Roll dropping, but not as far as we thought, should settle round about 680/690 this session.

                Co-opted members - suggestion made to invite G Sharp last year’s pupil council rep to come on                 board as a co-opted member.  Pupil Council rep also to be invited to join us.
                C Ford will check on staff members if I Murdoch and I Fyfe wish to continue to be members or if                 new staff members should be elected.

                Meeting closed at 8.35pm.

K.A. Parent Council                                   Meeting                                    3rd March 2009



3rd March, 2009


I Fyfe, A Donnelly, C Ford, F McCallum, G Sharp (Pupil Council Rep)

Apologies: A Brown, G Sinclair, F Smith, I Murdoch, A Howard, Councillors McKay and Ross.


1. Welcome - A Donnelly took the chair in A Howard's absence and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Minutes - Proposed by I Fyfe and seconded by F McCallum

3. Matters Arising
No reply re sponsorship, A Howard chasing this up.

E Couperwhite could not manage tonight, meeting agreed to invite him to the next meeting on 5 th May.

4. Correspondence
Parental Involvement Team at Scottish Government - showcase event on 14 th March at Stirling Management Centre. No-one available to attend this.

5. School transport
Stagecoach have agreed to run a duplicate bus for a trial period. Copy of letter given to members.

CF will inform other schools as perhaps their pupils could benefit from this.

Members pleased with the outcome of this campaign.

6. Curriculum for Excellence
CF gave members a copy of the draft plan which has gone out to departments for their input, and through the document. Depts to make a response by Easter and once finalised it will go out to pupils and parents. This plan for S1 - 3 only, still waiting for guidelines for S4 - S6. This is due to start in August 2010 for S1 pupils.

7. Pupil Council Report
G Sharp gave this report from their last meeting.

Budget spending to be finalised - probably will include indoor goalposts, PE equipment, and possibly new strips.

PSE issue discussed - losing time from subjects to cover PSE, a rota is in place for this so no one subject is adversely affected.

Charity scheme - the Mt Kilo does not seem to have gone ahead, so money earmarked for this will be donated to other charities.

Pupil Council members' photographs are now on the new information screen in the foyer.

Disco, poor turnout this disco, survey to be carried out in order to get more people interested. Seniors and Juniors together er does not seem to go down well. P7 pupils were invited to attend the last disco for the first hour, this seemed to go down well with the P7's.

At the next meeting they will be discussing timetables, concerns about lack of free periods, and advanced higher courses to be based in Kilmarnock College.

8. School Report
Two Parents' Evenings, S2 and S4.

Valentine Disco - P7 pupils invited for first hour , but apart from that not well attended.

S5/6 prelims

Jasper Conran invited to speak to the book club, and he spent the whole day in KA doing various things including interviews and talking to the media classes.

CF read to P7 pupils as part on National Book Week, “Kindom of the Gems” by Jasper Conran was the book chosen.

9. Financial Report
Report given to members. Amount of money still available was just over 200. Yearbook advert to be arranged and any balance to be donated to School Activities. CF will instruct the AFO to sort this out.

10. A.O.C.B.
AD alerted the board to a query she received from Kilmarnock Standard asking if there was truth in the rumour that KA pupils are to be zoned to other schools. The reply given was No.

Next meeting will be on Tuesday 5 th May at the usual time and place.

Members will have a social evening on Tuesday 2 June, venue to be arranged.

The provisional date for the Parent Council AGM is Tuesday 25 th August.

K.A. Parent Council                    Annual General Meeting                         26th August 2008



26 TH AUGUST, 2008



Present: A Howard, C Ford, F McCallum, A Donnelly, A Brown

Apologies: G Sinclair


1. Welcome
A Howard welcomed everyone to the first AGM of the Kilmarnock Academy Parent Council.

2. Parent Council Report
Parent Council Report has been sent out to parents, councillors and members. Copies were available at the meeting.

3. Constitution
Proposal made by CF to move the AGM to August each year as June is one of the busiest months of the school year..

Members agreed to this. Constitution to be amended.

4. Confirmation of Office Bearers
A Howard and A Donnelly agreed to continue as Chairperson and Vice Chairperson respectively. There were no other nominations.

5. New Council Members
No new members at this time. It was agreed to invite parents to the meeting on 7 th October via the first newsletter of the session.

6. A.O.C.B.
Next Meetings - 7 th October, 4 th November and 2 nd December at 7.30 in the KA Conference Room.

AH to write to EAC re budget for buses to the playing fields. Budget was the same as last financial year.

AB was given a new bus timetable for the bus route from Southcraigs to Kilmarnock Bus Station, unfortunately this did not improve the situation for our pupils.

Agreed to contact local councillors and the area Community Council to ask for support in getting a suitable bus in the morning for pupils coming to school. Pupil Council members will ask pupils if they would use a bus if there was one available. Bus company can then be approached.


Meeting closed at 8.30pm.

K.A. Parent Council                                   Meeting                                        6th May 2008





Present : A Donnelly, G Sinclair, C Ford, A Howard, I Fyfe, Councillor Ross.

Apologies: A Brown, I Murdoch, Councillor McIntyre, F McCallum, J Mullen.

1. Welcome
AH welcomed everyone and apologised for missing the last meeting through illness.

2. Minutes
Proposed by C Ford, seconded by F McCallum.

3. Matters arising
Reply received from Bus company – information is that the number 4 bus should stop at Southcraigs at 0810 and 0840, and the company will monitor this to check that it does. Will still pursue this as not convinced that the bus will stop and the 0840 bus may not get pupils to school on time for 0855 bell.

Timetables to be sought for clarification.

4. Correspondence
AH received the HMI survey, completed the form and returned them by due date.

Working in Partnership with Parents, draft strategy.

Next Steering Group meeting will be in June. PC was asked if 3 separate meetings would be better, agreed that all together was preferable as it means more integration and sharing of ideas etc.

SPCA membership, agreed not to join this.

5. Curriculum for Excellence
CF gave update. Meeting of primary and secondary staff was held to look at maths curriculum. Very successful meeting, agreed that all primaries would follow the same curriculum. Also agreed on what extras would be given to more able pupils. This would mean that all pupils coming to secondary would have the same background and secondary would take it from there. A common maths vocabulary was also agreed to keep consistency throughout.

Next target area is Science, hopefully to agree on a similar basis.

6. Pupil Council Report
CF clarified some of the points on the minutes of the PC meeting of 29 th April, copies of minutes given to members.

7. School Report
S1 Health Day

P7 Parents Evening – commenced with an Art Dept fashion show of hats and jewellery.

3 Easter Concerts – Alternative concert in aid of the Year Book, Traditional concert organised by the Music Dept., and EAC Extravaganza concert in the Grand Hall.

Easter Assemblies – theme for these was Malawi , and we had visitors from Malawi later in the month.

S1,2 and 3 Activity afternoons before the Easter holiday, this is part of our reward system.

Some staff had training on “Non Violent Intervention” on the in-service day, all staff have now received this training.

Disco – “Good Bad and Ugly” theme for fancy dress, some great costumes!

S3 exams are now finished and S4 Standard Grade exams have started.

KA is finalist in Scottish Education Awards “Education for All”, delighted to be in the top 3 for this.

8. Financial Report

Budget not yet received.

Received £750 prize money for “Show Racism the Red Card”. English dept. to use this for appropriate books on racism.

9. A.O.C.B
Members of public seem to be using our car park, janitor to monitor this and flyers to be make to put on offending cars.

GS asked about water facilities for pupils. CF explained that when we made water available, this was abused by children. Water is now available in the PE dept, and at lunchtime in the dining hall. Pupils can bring their own water to school and drink it at the discretion of individual teachers.

Next meeting 3 rd June, agreed that this will be a social occasion. LC to book Café DeVinci's, and notify the councillors of the change of plan, and cancel the school let.

K.A. Parent Council                                 Meeting                               16th January 2008




Present : G Sinclair, A Donnelly, F McCallum, A Brown, C Ford, I Murdoch, Councillor Cook and Councillor Knapp.

Apologies: I Fyfe, Councillor Ross, J Mullen


1. Welcome
AD welcomed everyone and took the chair in A Howard's absence.

2. Minutes – proposed by Gwen Sinclair and seconded by Anna Brown.

3. Matters arising.
Still no reply from E Couperwhite re fire door and transport to playing fields, despite a second letter being sent.

4. Correspondence
Scottish Parent/Teacher Council – insurance offer. CF to take to SMT.

Better Schools, better learning.

School Rationalisation in EAC – only Witchhill affected from our Learning Partnership – proposed that Witchhill and Woodstock merge. The LP has responded to this.

e-mail from G Sinclair asking for details of the Parents' Questionnaire. CF explained what happened last year, and a copy of the summary of the parents' replies was given to Council members.

Request from Yearbook committee asking if the Parent Council would like an advert in this year's yearbook. See Financial Report.

5. Curriculum for Excellence
Council agreed to put this to the end of the meeting when all other business was done.

6. Pupil Council Report
Minutes of meeting of 27 th November were given to members, and CF explained some of the points. Councillor Cook asked about the problem with some classroom temperatures and CF explained the situation to date.

7. School Report
Christmas festivities, concert, assemblies, disco etc all went very well, as did the first Parent Council night out.

School Handbook – copies given to members, and have been given out to the P7 pupils in our Learning Partnership. Copies for pupils making placing requests will be made available.

S4 prelims have finished.

8. Financial Report
There will be a small deficit in both the Clerk's fees and travel/subsistence budget lines. There will be some money left in the Admin budget line after the cost of the lets and catering have been taken off. Some lets this year have cost £42.35 and others £15.40, no free lets so far this year, and that has affected the budget. Agreed to defer the decision re the Yearbook Advert until next meeting.

Curriculum for Excellence

CF explained that consultation has been going on with staff as there is now some flexibility on the curriculum and changes could be made now that we are not tied rigidly to 5 – 14.. There could be more choice for pupils, perhaps even making some choices at the end of S1 for example.

Trying to use our Scottish culture to tie curriculum together, then to work outwards. Giving S1 more cultural experiences, Art Galleries , transport museum visits etc, to try and broaden their experiences/outlook.

Working closely with the primaries in our Learning Partnership to ensure continuity – particularly in literacy.

From S3 pupils will still be working towards SQA qualifications, so not much room for change there, at least for now.

Members discussed ideas for quite some time, and CF thanked members for their input and will take it to the SMT meeting where all ideas will be pulled together.

9. A.O.C.B.
GS asked if e-mail addresses could be exchanged for ease of communication.

FMcC to e-mail LC to give her address, LC will check with JM. LC will pass on addresses asap.

Date of next meeting Tuesday, 5 th February, at 7.30pm.

K.A. Parent Council                                 Meeting                               13th November 2007




Present : A Howard, G Sinclair, A Donnelly, J Gemmell, A Brown, C Ford, I Fyfe, Councillor H Ross.

Apologies: F McCallum, I Murdoch, Councillors Cook, Linton and Reid.

Provost Young also sent her apologies and invited the Council get in touch with her at any time if she could help in any way.

1. Welcome
AH welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Minutes – proposed by A Brown and Seconded by Janice Gemmell.

3. Matters arising.
No reply from R Gourlay re the fire exit in the Games Hall.

No reply from E Couperwhite re transport to the playing fields. Councillor Ross will speak to E Couperwhite at his next meeting.

No reply from the bus co. SMT re buses from Southcraigs to town centre in the morning for pupils coming from that area.

Pupil Council decided not to go forward with the memorial for Mark Blackwood.

4. Correspondence
Letter from Maureen Watt, Minister for Schools and Skills re Parental Involvement. Copies given to members.

Note of clarification re insurance. Now that Parent Councils have mostly combined with PTA any events run will be covered with insurance as long as members of staff are in overall charge.

Councillor Ross explained the new “Cabinet” set up in the Council. Minutes of the Cabinet Meetings will be posted on the East Ayrshire website.

Sport now to become a high priority, members hoped that would mean more money for transport to the fields.

GS and AH attended the Parent Council Forum in Kilmarnock Academy last week, and gave feedback from that meeting to the members.

Discussion on the pilot scheme to have more police involvement, 3 schools have a policeman based on their campus, but they will be involved with all schools and will be available to help in any way they can. Possible plan to introduce them within the PSE classes.

5. Pupil Council
Minutes of last meeting distributed to members, CF clarified some entries.

Room Temperature, although situation is easing with the colder weather, need to keep this on the agenda as spring and summer will bring the problems to the fore again. Problems mainly in HE and Science, as windows do not give enough ventilation. AD will write to EAC H & S again to try to solve this before warmer weather. If windows opened at the top, the situation would not be as bad.

6. School Report
Parents' Open Day at Grand Hall last Saturday, Kilmarnock Academy Learning Partnership had a joint display, very busy day, best so far.

S6 Question Time “How to be successful” with a panel of 5 former Kilmarnock Academy successful people for the pupils to question. Very successful.

Art dept visited Edinburgh to the SQA Art Exhibition; one of our pupils had work exhibited there. Visited a total of 4 exhibitions.

Took part in the Enterprise Event in East Ayrshire.

Wear Pink Day for Cancer, £1200 raised.

Remembrance Assemblies held during Remembrance week. Also have a “Roll of Honour” on our website and we featured with this in TES. Neil McIlvanney and Neil Dickson set this up and British Legion now has a link to our website.

ASDAN Awards, Princes Trust pupils ran their own ceremony on Monday evening.

Mr Kerr and Mrs Ford are visiting Primary 7 pupils in their schools.

Hallowe'en disco, very successful.

Success in the Ayrshire Cross Country Runners – Girls' gold individual medal and team bronze.

S1 reports are going out and parents' evening is coming up.

S4 prelims start in December.

CF asked the members for their input to the Curriculum for Excellence programme. At the moment consulting with staff asking for their ideas now that we have more freedom with the curriculum and are not necessarily tied to eg 5 – 14. Senior school curriculum will not change much as this is dictated by SQA examinations, which probably won't change, but others may be more flexible. Aim is to give more breadth of education to pupils, and to this end all classes have maps of Europe , and teachers are asked to draw this to pupils' attention every time something comes up with a European touch, to point out on the map exactly where the topic is located. Also are going to have a “Time Line” and again teachers are asked to put events on this give pupils some idea of the chronological order. All departments have also been asked to emphasise our “Scottishness” whenever possible.

Members asked to give their thoughts on this at the January meeting.

7. Financial Report
Report given to members, expenditure up to date.

8. A.O.C.B.
Night out – Wednesday 5 December, 7.00 for 7.30 at Merchants. Members asked for a £5.00 deposit.

Dates for 2008 meetings.

Wednesday 16 January (S5/6 parents' evening on Tuesday 15 th )

Tuesday 5 th February

Tuesday 4 March

Tuesday 6 May

Tuesday 3 June.

LC to put in Let Applications.


Meeting closed 9.00pm.

K.A. Parent Council                                 Meeting                               2nd October 2007




Present : A Howard, G Sinclair, A Donnelly, J Gemmell, A Brown, C Ford, I Fyfe, I Murdoch.

Apologies: F McCallum

1. Welcome
AH welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Minutes – proposed by J Gemmell and Seconded by Anna Brown.

3. Matters arising.
Copy of minutes has been e-mailed to Marilyn Miller. All minutes to be sent to her and she will forward to appropriate EAC officers.

LC to ask about Councillors.

Letter sent to R Gourlay re PE fire exit. No reply as yet.

Letter sent to E Couperwhite re cost of transport to fields. No reply as yet.

AH to telephone enquiring about letters.

Letter sent to SMT Bus Co re buses for children to come to school in the morning from Glasgow Road area. No reply as yet. AH took an opportunity to talk to Provost S Young, who will add her support to this.

4. Correspondence
EAC Schools Estate Management Strategy.

Briefing note on Public Liability Insurance.

Notification of the Parent Rep to the Education Cabinet – David Fraser from Greenmill PS.

Prior notice of welcome to Parent Council event to be held on Wed 7 November at 7.00pm in St. Joseph 's Academy.

Local Attendance Council looking for Parent Council members to volunteer to join – A Donnelly agreed to put her name forward.

Scottish Parent Council Association Newsletter. Members agreed not to join this association at this time.

5. Pupil Council
Minutes of the last Pupil Council meeting were distributed, CF clarified the following items.

Room temperature – H & S Rep from EAC visited to see the situation.

Adv Higher pupils attending Kilmarnock College , Pupil council raised concerns about this. Should be monitored over the year and judged by results.

Pupil Council would like to make a dedication to the memory of Mark Blackwood who was tragically killed in an accident earlier in the year. Possibly a programme for one of the Christmas shows. Pupil Council to write to Mark's parents before deciding anything.

Yorkhill Children's Hospital to be the nominated charity for this term.

6. School Report
S4 pupils were out on Work Experience these last 2 weeks. Getting more and more difficult to find placements, in future to concentrate on pupils who are in their final year of school.

European Day of Languages enjoyed by all.

S1 trips to Kelvingrove and Transport Museum – more trips planned to give pupils a taste of culture.

MacMillan coffee morning raised £160.

Pink Day next Friday.

PT's had an in-service course on how to read and get information from exam results statistics.

Literary pilot programme started, funding to pay for Acting PT Literacy who will also work with Primary school staff – concentrating on “ Reading for Information” at the moment.

Staff Reading Group had a trip to see the film “Atonement” after reading and discussing the book.

Staff weekend trip organised – Warsaw in January.

7. Financial Report
No change from last meeting. Salary for clerk and any expenses to be claimed. No bids have been received for grants. Usually the Yearbook Committee request assistance.

8. A.O.C.B.
School has achieved the Bronze Award for Eco school, what is required to go to the Silver Award. CF to investigate the criteria, but it may be too difficult to attain.

Next Meeting – 13 October, 7.30pm.

December meeting planned on 4 December clashes with the S3 parents evening. Agreed to change it to Wednesday 5 December. Night out to be booked at Merchants, LC to organise.

Meeting closed 8.35pm.

K.A. Parent Council                                 Meeting                               5th September 2007


Present : A Howard, G Sinclair, F McCallum, A Donnelly, J Gemmell, A Brown,

C Ford, I Fyfe, I Murdoch.

Apologies: None

1. Welcome and introductions
C Ford welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the Kilmarnock Academy Parent Council, and introductions were made.

2. Office Bearers
All present agreed that Adrienne Howard would take up the post of Chairperson and Annette Donnelly, Vice Chairperson. The appointment of a treasurer would be made when it became necessary.

3. Council Membership
It was agreed that the council would be made up of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, 4 parent members, Gwen Sinclair, Anna Brown, Fiona McCallum, Janice Gemmell, 2 staff members, Ian Fyfe and Ian Murdoch, and Lois Cairney as Secretary (continuing on from School Board).

Parents will be informed of this in the next newsletter, due out this month, and in the newsletter will be an invitation to any parent interested to join us at the next meeting.

4. Correspondence
Letter from EAC asking that amendments be made to our constitution. After discussion the following amendments were agreed –

Change quorate to Four.

Delete “unless the matters under discussion are confidential” from paragraphs 15 and 16.

Letter asking for nominations from Parent Councils to serve on the EAC Education Cabinet. No-one wished to be nominated.

5. Pupil Council Update
Pupil Council not yet up and running this session, Mr Mackay taking over from Mr Howie and meetings will be arranged shortly when S1 pupil reps have been elected. Copies of the minutes of the Pupil Council meetings will be made available to Parent Council members.

Kilmarnock Academy has been awarded the Bronze Award in the Eco Schools Project which comes with a cheque for £250. Pupil Council will decide on how this money is to be spent.

6. School Report
Newsletter coming out shortly for all parents.

Staffing – 5 NQT staff, 1 Technical, 1 Geography, 2 Biology, 1 Mod Languages.

New PT Technical Mr Kirkland who replaces Mr Monachan,

Mr Ramsay is Acting DHT, replacing Mr Stewart, and Mr Robertson is Acting PT Music, replacing Mr Ramsay. DHT post to be advertised as soon as the necessary procedures are done.

One extra classroom assistant has joined us, funded from outwith EAC.

One teacher appointed 2 days per week to run the “Reading Recovery” pilot project to work with children with difficulties and also to train members of staff in new strategies.

Successful in bid to have a foreign assistant via the Comenius Scotland Project from 1 st November to 29 th February. The assistant is from Czech Republic , and she will work mainly in the Modern Languages dept, as her speciality is Spanish. Also will introduce her own cultural knowledge in other subject areas, and promote links with schools in the Czech Republic .

Concerns raised about ventilation in HE department, particularly bad when cookers are in use. New windows don't allow adequate ventilation. Windows in some departments have been covered with a film which cuts out glare, this has been successful, but ventilation still a problem.

PE facilities discussed, lack of funding for outdoor activities, budget for this has stayed the same for approx 10 years, going up slightly this year.

Chairperson will write to EAC to ask if this can be looked at. LC to give information to AH.

Fire escape in games hall not yet completed, waiting for stairs/ramp to be installed. Chairperson will write to EAC to ask that this work be done as a matter of priority.

7. Financial Report
LC gave a report on the money remaining in what was the School Board budget line.

8. Dates for future meetings
Agreed the following dates – venue Kilmarnock Academy Conference Room.

Tuesday 2 nd October, Tuesday 13 th November and Tuesday 4 th December.

LC to organise lets for the October and November dates.

9. A.O.C.B.
Yellow lines painted on Elmbank Road , which hopefully will alleviate problems with bus access and parking outside the two schools.

A member brought up that there were no suitable buses for pupils who live in the Glasgow Road/South Craigs area to get to the school in the morning. Although buses do go that route, they are “express” buses and only drop of passengers. Chairperson to write to bus companies to see if anything could be done about this. There are suitable buses for the homeward journey.

Meeting closed 9.00pm.



1. Welcome and apologies.

2. Minutes

3. Matters Arising

4. Correspondence

5. Pupil Council Report

6. School Report

7. Financial Report

8. A.O.C.B.

School Board replaced by Parent Council - August 2007


Kilmarnock Academy School Board has been working for many years to support the work of the school.  The board has acted as a consultative body on many school policies and initiatives, it has lobbied the authority on behalf of the school on specific issues and has made constructive suggestions for improvements.  In line with the new legislation on parental involvement in schools, the school board will cease to exist in June and will be replaced with a Parent Council from August 2007.  The school wishes to thank both previous and current members of the board for the time they have devoted to supporting Kilmarnock Academy.

The photograph on the right shows current membership :

Front row, left to right:
Mrs Lois Cairney, Clerk; Mrs Annette Donnelly, Parent member; Mrs Mary Grant, Chair; Mrs Adrienne Howard, Parent member.

Back row, left to right:
Mrs Elizabeth Bryson, Parent member; Mr Ian Fyfe, Teacher member; Mrs Carole Ford, Head Teacher and advisor to the board.

Mr Ian Murdoch, Teacher member, was unavailable for the photograph.


 The constitution for the new Parent Council - which will replace  the School Board from August 2007 - has just been uploaded to KA  Web.  We hope that as many parents as possible will find the time to  look at these proposals and provide some comments and feedback.  

  To e-mail your comments click here.

Session 2006/2007                      School Board Meeting                        7th March 2007


M. Grant, C. Ford, L. Bryson, A.Donnelly, I Fyfe.

Apologies : I Murdoch

.1. Welcome

2 Minutes.
Proposed MG, Seconded LB.

3. Matters Arising
Fire exit from Games Hall – making a new exit at other side of the building. Concern re closeness of new building to games hall.

Constitution – New Parent Council constitution was checked, discussed, amended and agreed. 1 st Draft now to go on to website.

4. Correspondence – none.

5. Pupil Council
No report at this time, next meeting will be held soon.

Concern re toilets – boys pulling pipes from the wall, janitor has requested that pipes be boxed in to prevent this.

Comments have been made re new TV system,. This was funded by on-site services to encourage pupils to use the dining facilities.

6. School Report
HT discussed with SB members 4 issues on next year's improvement plan, and asked for their views.

•  School uniform – at the moment states shoes not trainers. Propose to change to dark coloured shoes/trainers, other colours will lose pupil points in the “Triple P” awards system, and dangerous shoes eg Flipflops, stilettos will be banned for safety reasons.

•  To reinforce the mobile phone situation, propose to rule that mobile phones/ipods etc mustn't be seen or heard, if they are they will be confiscated until the end of the day. Persistent offender's phones will be kept for a longer period, perhaps a few days.

•  Recent ski trip was very successful but 17 out of the 38 pupils involved were absent the next day which affects our absence statistics. Propose to draw up a contract for pupils going on trips which is signed by both pupils and parents to guarantee they obey the rules set down, which will include attending school the next day as well as other behavioural issues.

•  The Art dept have been using materials and expertise for their higher course, including tutors in hat making, jewellery making etc, and the materials for these things are very expensive. The school supports this by using Supported Study money for the tutors, but wonder if it would be reasonable to ask the pupils concerned to contribute to the cost of the materials.

Board members agreed to all of the above, for No 4, it was agreed that a donation would be requested .

7. Financial Report
Report given to the members, some expenses still to be claimed. Any excess funds to be donated to school activities.

8. A.O.C.B.
Mr Mackay, Mod Studies, in Prague at the moment setting up a “link” school.

School has applied for a foreign language assistant, from “ Eastern Europe ”, first choice is Czech, second Romanian, and third Polish. If successful the assistant would work with the whole Learning Partnership.

Next meeting 2nd May in Kilmarnock Academy Conference Room at 7.30pm.

Final meeting of the Kilmarnock Academy School Board will be on Wednesday 6 June, venue to be decided (possibly DaVinci's)


Session 2006/2007                      School Board Meeting                        4th October 2006


M Grant, C Ford, A Donnelly, L Bryson, I Murdoch, I Fyfe.

1. Welcome .

2 Minutes.
Proposed IM, Seconded IF.

3. Matters Arising
Radio Station – staff trained on in-service day and launch will follow. Bid to Homework Diary Co. unfortunately unsuccessful. May use enterprise money instead.

Reply received from Land Registry – sent to wrong department, letter will now be sent to Brunton Miller, Herbert House, Glasgow.

SB members to ask for a meeting with the Executive Director of Education for an update on the situation.

SB report has been sent out to parents. CF informed members that the Executive Director of Education was concerned about the part of the report concerning “Sports & PE Facilities”, however board members were satisfied that it was an accurate reflection of the spirit of the meeting they had with him.

IM queried the cost of pupil transport for travelling between schools; no answer available yet.

4. Correspondence
EAC Questions for Carers and Parents – SB members asked to complete.

EAC Authority Strategy Group – 25 October, 5.00pm at London Road . Looking for nominations to join the strategy group for the Parents' Forum.

Essential Newsletter

“Parents Matter” – an EAC letter for parents.

5. Pupils' School Council Update
Minutes of meeting of 29 September given to board members.

Fair Trade Tuckshop starting in conjunction with the ECO club.

Teachers were reminded to read out the weekly bulletin to pupils and to put on classroom notice boards to be available for reference. This was done via the staff bulletin.

6. School Report
Posters for Yorkhill hospital, the sponsor walk in aid of Schehallion Ward in Yorkhill Hospital was very successful in spite of the inclement weather over £4000 raised so far, final total to be announced as soon as possible.

Eco Club has applied for the Bronze Award in the Eco School System.

Assembly week – Rev D Lacey has rejoined us as Chaplain. Henderson Church celebrates its centenary this year, and the Higher Graphic Communication class is involved in designing the banner.

MacMillan Coffee Morning for staff raised over £200.

PT Art has organised a Hat maker to help the Higher Art pupils – this is part of their course. They are also involved with jewellery making same as last year.

S5 were involved in the “Who wants to be an Entrepreneur?” workshop.

S4 were involved in a Strathclyde Police Presentation.

S1 and S2 pupils won the East Ayrshire Enterprise Maths competition, yet again !

Under 14 footballers doing well defending their title. New strips to be ordered for the team, boys will be involved in fundraising for half the cost.

Roll down to 770 – fall due to less S1 pupils and less S6 pupils staying on. Plan to use carry-forward to cushion us this year, next year will be much tighter.

CF asked if the school board minute could be put on the school website, and possibly photographs of school board members. This was agreed starting with the minutes from this meeting. CF to bring camera to next meeting to take photographs.

7. Financial Report
Copy of budget given to members. Cost of lets, catering etc have been deducted.

8. A.O.C.B.
Night out to be arranged on Wed 6 December at Merchants. £5 deposit collected from participating members. LC to book.

Next meeting Wednesday 1 November, 7.30pm Conference Room, Kilmarnock Academy .