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The Pupils' Voice

This section of the KA website gives you, the pupils, a chance to air your views on school issues and to get feedback on your views from Mrs Ford and other members of staff. Whatever it is that you feel could be improved then let people know about it through The Pupils' Voice. Editorial control of this page will lie with members of the Pupil Council and not with the staff but remember: if you are unhappy about something, try to be positive and constructive by suggesting practical ways of improving things. Oh, and stick to requests that are achievable. (So I suppose that rules out extending the summer holiday to six months, having every Monday and Friday off and buying a school helicopter.....)
You can e-mail us at pupilsvoice@www.kilmarnockacademy.co.uk .

Advice for teachers from S2

Dear Pupils' Voice,
Our S2 class has come up with some points of advice for teachers and for pupils. We feel that if teachers and pupils followed these guidelines, then the school would be a happier place for everyone.

Advice for Teachers
Don't punish the whole class for one person's offence. Graeme
Don't be boring. Simon
Make your room bright and enjoyable for people to come in to. Billy
Give at least two days for homework to be done as pupils have so many subjects. Ashleen
Give pupils a chance to explain themselves before giving a punishment. Jordan

Windows are for seeing through....

Dear Mrs Ford,

In school we are taught to look after and
respect the school and everything in it. I think
this is important as we definitely learn better
in pleasant surroundings. While the school
has had some improvements - such as newly
painted corridors and plants in tubs at the
front entrance - there are still many things
that should be done to make it a more
pleasant place to learn in.

I have been at Kilmarnock Academy for nearly
four years now and, in all that time, the
windows have never been cleaned. I know that
there is never enough money to do all the
things that need done, but it will soon be that
we can't see out them at all.

Yours Sincerely

Stephanie S4

Dear Stephanie,

The good news is that all of the windows in the
main building are due to be replaced this session.
Obviously, this will take some time to complete so,
in the meantime, the picture on the right will give
you some idea of the sort of improvement that will
take place.

Mrs Ford .

Wouldn't it be nice ....

Dear Mrs Ford,
I am writing to you through the Pupils' Voice, to express my views about improvements that could be done to the school. The following are examples of what I think could be done:
1. The litter in the school is a main problem as it makes the place look untidy and dirty. It is also a health hazard to small animals when blown outside the school grounds. A solution to this problem is to make regular offenders to pick up all the rubbish.
2. I personally love swimming and so do a lot of people, so I think we should have a swimming pool. This could be added to the P.E curriculum and also be an extra curricular activity. The solution to this would be to build a school swimming pool.
3. The small area of grass behind the P.E building is not used as much as it could be. The solution to this is to extend this small area of grass in this area which would provide an alternative recreational playing field area.
4. The actual playing fields are too far away from school, hence buses have to be ordered and paid for by the school. The other problem is that by the time pupils arrive at the playing fields they are limited to 35 minutes of exercise, after which time PE participants requested to board the transportation bus for return to school. The solution to this is to use the area behind the P.E building.
5. Cars are parked all over the playground which could potentially get damaged by pupils, in addition this makes the playground look small. The solution to this is to have one designated area for the cars to park in.
6. The gravel around the old building is uneven and could lead to accidents. By introducing a ground improvement program to level off all uneven surfaces this could reduce uneven ground and prevent playground accidents.
7. The fact the playground is on all different levels this makes it difficult for disabled people to access certain areas. A probable solution to this is to introduce sloped ramps for easy access for those who are disabled.
8. The school playground is also utilised as an area for seating shortages. The school board should consider the purchase of some form of outside recreational sitting areas for pupils.
9. Currently the only recreational shelter in adverse weather is the Metro which is not large enough to hold all those pupils who are weather impacted. The use of alternative school areas to hold these pupils of all different years could alleviate this problem.

Yours Sincerely

Brogan S2