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Prizegiving Ceremony                                                                               16th June 2008



MONDAY 16th JUNE 2008




1. Welcome and Introduction - Mrs C Ford


2. Prayer - Rev J McNaughtan


3. Rector's Review of Session's Activities - Mrs C Ford


4. Musical Item


5. Address - Mrs L Murray


6. Musical Item


7. Presentation of Prizes - Ms L Cairney & Dr J Neilson


8. Musical Item


9. Presentation to Mrs L Murray, Ms L Cairney & Dr J Neilson


10. Musical Item


11. Vote of thanks - Liam Baillie & Lesley Roy


12. Benediction - Rev J McNaughtan




Arrangements for Prizegiving Ceremony 16 th June 2008


The ceremony will be held in the Assembly Hall on Monday 16th June 2008 at 7.00pm .

The pupils will be addressed by, and prizes presented by           (*)

(* This information missing from document supplied to KA Web)



6.45 pm Prizewinners will assemble in the hall wearing school uniform and will take the seats allocated to them at the rehearsal. They will be under direction of Mrs E Dunsmuir and (*)

6.45 pm Platform party is asked to assemble in the School Library by 6.45 pm .

7.00 pm Platform party will enter the Assembly Hall, and pupils are requested to stand while the party assembles on the stage. Everyone will remain standing until the platform party sits.



to be arranged.



Marshalls in Assembly Hall and Mrs E Dunsmuir

Reading of Prize List Mr Partridge

Arrangement of Prizes Mrs Hollywood and Mr Kerr

Reception of guests Mr Ramsay and Mr Kerr


SESSION 2007/2008



Certificate winners are arranged in alphabetical order.


FIRST YEAR Dux of First Year Eilidh McKenzie/Cameron Tasker

Certificates of Distinction

Alana Baird

Jennifer Cardle

Katie Fenwick

Mark Gilmour

Aime Johnston

Glen Love

Ryan Love

Rachel McIlvanney

Alix Parker

Hollie Riddell

Hannah Rutherford

Rebecca Scott-Ramsay

Robert Shennan

Laura Smith

Roberta Whitaker

Amy Caldwell


SECOND YEAR Dux of Second Year Josh Cuthbertson/Heather Renwick

Certificates of Distinction

Amy Black

Rachel Black

Kendall Blair

Caitlin Brown

Fraser Brown

Dawn Carroll

Chelsie Clark

Caitlin Crawford

Scott Crawford

Shannon Dunbar-Dawe

Kimberlee Hodgart

Kaye Lindsay

Kelsey McIntosh

Aaron O'Neill

Natalie Paini

Zoe Sloan

Cameron Thomson

Jonathon Young


THIRD YEAR Dux of Third Year Casey McDaid

Certificates of Distinction

Scott Dunlop

Alexander Gibson

Rachel Hall

Rachel Kelly

Jessica McGlynn

Stephen McIlwraith

Sharmaine Miller

Scott Millar

Sophie Mulholland

Gillian Orr

Sean Porteous

Ashleigh Riddick

Ross Sharpe

Alison Shedden

Sharon Sloan

Rosi Tudhope

Alison Walkinshaw

Victoria Wilkinson


FOURTH YEAR Dux of Fourth Year Rhona Kilpatrick

Certificates of Distinction

Michael Bolland

Lewis Campbell

Kimberley Dick

David Don

Lewis Gallacher

Christopher Harrigan

Amanda Kelly

Fraser Kerr

Erin McKenzie

David McPike

Nicole Richmond

Graeme Sharp

Martin Stewart

Marc Strain

Lyndsay Templeton

Greg Walkinshaw


FIFTH YEAR Dux of Fifth Year Emma Kelly

Certificates of Distinction

Jarryd Bolland

Lauren Eyre

Darren McCulloch

Taylor McInroy

Grant Moffat

Lauren Paterson

Claire Wilson



Certificates of Distinction

Fiona Adrain

Liam Baillie

Amy Bromley

Leanne Donochie

Neil Hamilton

Iain Hendry

Claire McMillan

Rachael Miller

Rachel Tesfaye

Graeme Trinder

Johanna Tudhope





SESSION 2007/2008




Kirsty Arthur

Amy Caldwell

Aria Corniglion

Glen Love

Ryan Love

Hannah Rutherford

Laura Smith

Mark Thomson


Amy Black

Amy Blades

Nicola Brown

Caitlin Crawford

Scott Crawford

Blane Currie

Charlotte Edmonds

Victoria Grigor

Kirsty McLauchlan

Michelle Patterson

Vanessa Wilson


Alexander Gibson

Ailie McKnight

Claire McLardy

Sean Porteous

Jennifer Thomson



Caitlin Houston

Fraser Kerr

Erin McKenzie

Martin Stewart

Gemma Stuart



David Blair

Jarryd Bolland

Rachael Cameron

Brian Chapman

Mathew Green

Emma Kelly

Ashleigh Lindsay

Brogan McAdam

Stacie McGuire

Gregor Muir

Gordon Paterson

Natalie Sharpe

William Shaw



David McIlwraith



Chess Cup Lewis Campbell

Golf Cup - Fraser Kerr

Kilmarnock Round Table Trophy (1 st year girls) Stacey Taylor

Kilmarnock Round Table Trophy (1 st year boys) Mark Thomson

Mary P Colman Cup (2 nd year girls) Kayleigh Evans

Halliday Cup (2 nd year boys) Brandon Paton

Morton Trophy (3 rd year girls) Sophie Mulholland

Boyd Cup (Junior House Trophy)

David Isaacs Cup (Senior House Trophy for Athletic Activities)

Turner cup - Ross Menzies






Class of 71 Prize for Progress and Endeavour Class 1 Gavin Johnston

Class 2: Kyle Sayers


Rice Prize for Progress and Endeavour Class 3: Carlo Facchini

Class 4: Rhys Hamilton


Middleton Prize for Progress and Effort Class 1 Kristopher Nimbley

Class 2 Vanessa Wilson

Class 3 Zara Shaw


Reading for Gold, Platinum Award Ryan McCulloch

Hollie Riddell

Laura Smith


Services to School Archives Johanna Tudhope


Scottish Temperance Alliance Essay Competition Rosi Tudhope


Shaw Prize for Classwork and Athletics Stuart Gallacher

Claire McIntosh


Kilmarnock 400 Shield Lewis Gallacher


Kilmarnock College Trophy Beth Wilson


Speirs Prizes for Mathematics Class 1 1 st Calum Cameron

2 nd Aaron Ng

Class 2 1 st Kaye Lindsay

2 nd Scott Crawford

Class 3 1 st Casey McDaid

2 nd Stephen McIlwraith

Class 4 1 st Rhona Kilpatrick

2 nd Connor Raeside

Class 5 1 st Chloe Scott

2 nd Grant Moffat

Class 6 1 st Johanna Tudhope

2 nd Graeme Trinder

Baillie Prize for Public Speaking Fiona Adrain

Deborah Wilson Memorial Prize for Art and Music in S2 Amy Black

Media Studies Prize Sam Love

Prize for Spanish Stephanie Johnstone

Sophie Marshall

Helen Sayles Prize for Enterprise :

Lucy Brown Cameron Blair Christopher Harrigan

Fraser Kerr Nicola Kerr James Stenhouse Amy Wilson






Johnnie Walker Prize for Modern Studies Beth Wilson


Johnnie Walker Prize for English Amy Bromley


Johnnie Walker Prize for History Emma Kelly


Johnnie Walker Prize for Computing Studies Claire Wilson


Robert D Boyd for Geography Claire McMillan


George Banks Prize for Science Graeme Trinder


Kilmarnock Philosophical Institute Prizes in Science

Biology Grant Moffat

Chemistry Grant Moffat

Physics Johanna Tudhope

Human Biology Jarryd Bolland

Alyson Pack


Jean F Walker Prizes in S4 Biology Lewis Campbell

Chemistry Lewis Campbell

Physics Marc Strain


C.G. Spiller Prize for French Emma Kelly


Robert C Grant Prizes Accounting and Finance Darren McCulloch

Administration Alan Burns


Dunlop Prize for Art Scott McGlynn


Sam Ferguson Aeolian Music Prize Liam Baillie


A.C Livingston Prize for Graphic Communication Fiona Adrain


Anderson & Innes Prize for Technology Graeme Sharp


Kilmarnock Rotary Prizes for Service and Leadership Liam Baillie

Lesley Roy


Stuart McDonald Memorial Trophy David McIlwraith


Frank Donnelly Prize for Dux of First Year Eilidh McKenzie

Cameron Tasker


Johnnie Walker Prize Dux of Second Year Josh Cuthbertson

Heather Renwick


Morton Stephen Prize for Dux of Third Year Casey McDaid


Boyd Orr Prize for Dux of Fourth Year Rhona Kilpatrick


Louis Isaacs Prize for Dux of Fifth Year Emma Kelly