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East Ayrshire Readers Cup S2 Heats - March 22nd 2007


Two years ago, the school librarians of East Ayrshire established a Readers' Cup in order to promote reading. Various rounds are held within each school amongst S1 and S2 pupils before the grand final in May. Pupils have to answer questions on different literary themes.

On Thursday 22nd March 2007, the second round was held in the Assembly Hall for S2 pupils. Each class fielded a team of 4 who had been the individual winners of the first round.

The whole of second year was present as Mrs Dunsmuir asked the questions. In each round there were ten questions asked on a particular theme - Witches and Wizards, Philip Pullman, Classics and Lucky Dip. Whilst various S6 volunteers marked each round, spot questions were targeted at the rest of the S2 with instant prizes. The results were very close but, in the end, 2D2 won by half a mark over 2B.

To view the results in full click here. Photos of the event are posted below.