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Enterprise in School

Session 2008/2009                           Enterprise in School


 Stephen McIlwraith and Gregor Keachie, both 4B, accompanied by Mrs  Hamilton, attended an event in the Park Hotel on Tuesday 2nd June.  The purpose of this event was for schools to thank local businesses for  any help given during the session.

 Pupils in KA have had the benefit of many business people this year -  in the work experience programme and mock interviews mainly. We are  always grateful to local companies, local authority personnel, not to  mention the Ayrshire Chamber for help with our Industrial Awareness  Day in March and Fifth Gear enterprise event in November.

 Mahle International of Riccarton in Kilmarnock was the company  nominated by the school to receive an award at the Park Hotel. Mahle  International has helped in Industrial Awareness Days in the past and  has been a staunch supporter of the Kilmarnock District Mock  Interview Programme for many years.

 Steve Leahy, Plant Manager, and David O'Hare, Human Resources,  were present and the photograph shows Stephen and Gregor  presenting a certificate to David O'Hare with thanks from the school

 Report by L Hamilton

 A group of S3 Business Managers - John Routh, Holly Jarvie, Michael  Glover, Leigh McMaster - visited the Mitchell Library in Glasgow for an  exciting day of trading on a computer-simulated stock exchange.  The  group competed against another 24 schools to see who could make  the most money. Groups were given a set amount of money to buy  stocks and shares, with the ultimate aim of their money growing, in  order to make a profit. Sounds simple - but the pupils found it an  exciting and stressful day when share and stock prices rose and fell  constantly. Pupils had a great day and learnt a great deal about the  stock exchange.

 Report by L MacInnes  


This year, the joint enterprise was held in International Week , which  was at the end of April. The primary, nursery and special schools were the hosts and S1 Kilmarnock Academy pupils were the visitors .
1F visited Hillhead PS and joined in the activities there. P1 were finding out about Spain – painting the flag and flamenco dancers. One class in P2 heard a talk from a parent about life in Africa , while the other class tasted pizza and painted the Italian flag. P4 learned how to count to ten in Japanese , while P6 tasted French food and learned a rap in French put together by the Academy pupils.

1W visited Kirkstyle. Most of the classes had a French theme although P3 were studying Gaelic. P7 had a French café and played bingo in French. P5 had a French shop and learned a song about the days of the week. P4 had number games and fortune telling , while the infant classes learned the numbers to ten and the colours.

The nursery school had a variety of activities suitable to the age group and one theme was the American Indians which went down well with all concerned.

Witchhill concentrated on foreign food - preparing and tasting - which was a treat for both the Witchhill and Kilmarnock Academy pupils. Unfortunately a later visit had to be cancelled due to the S1 visit to the science centre.

All the Kilmarnock Academy visitors enjoyed their time out of school. Some of the nursery visitors were complimented on how well they worked with the pre – 5s , and were invited to make future visits. Praise indeed!

Report by Lesley Hamilton


 All S4 pupils followed the mock interview programme and had a mock  interview in school during January. In February, pupils applied for jobs  supplied by local businesses in competition with pupils at Grange,  James  Hamilton and Stewarton Academies. 23 Kilmarnock Academy  pupils were selected for interviews in March, but only one was  successful. This was Stephen McIlwraith of 4B who was "appointed" to  the job at The Jefferson Hotel.
 Report by Mrs Hamilton


Over 130 pupils and staff took part in the recent bag-packing event at Asda in Kilmarnock and they came in fancy dress because it was Hallowe’en. They did us proud and were complimented on their appearance and attitude. (To view more photos of the event click here.)

L. Hamilton

Mrs McFarlane - the happy witch

Mrs Hamilton's Fenwick night out!

Mrs Ford poses as an academic...


Kilmarnock Academy held a Finance Week at the end of October. The aim was to focus on money matters, not only because of the current “credit crunch”, but to increase awareness of how much things cost. Pupils were made aware of how much more things cost when borrowing was involved.

Every pupil in the school was given a “cash tracker” to keep for the week. This was a money diary to log income and expenditure. At the end, pupils were asked for their feelings on how they could cut their expenditure and save for that “rainy day”.

Each department in the school had a focus on matters financial and pupils work had a money bias. For example, the English department did talks on pocket money, while the Maths department had a shopping list to cost. The Modern Languages department converted the cost of popular items into Euros, while the PE department priced the Killie replica strips and the cost of using the Galleon.

There was a junior school competition where pupils had to seek out prices in the Burns Mall and the senior school took part in an inter-active holiday game.

Thursday lunchtime saw “The Price is Right” competition and the whole week culminated in the bag packing in Asda. Over 130 pupils and staff took part in the bag packing and they came in fancy dress because it was Hallowe’en. They did us proud and were complimented on their appearance and attitude.

The prize winners won a crisp ten pound note which was greatly appreciated.

Burns Mall Competition Leigh McMaster S3
Holiday Competition Bradley Miller S4
Cash Tracker Glen Love S2
Ryan Love S2
Fancy Dress (Boy Connor McLintock S1
Fancy Dress (Girl) Sheree Clark S5
Most Money Raised  Candice McIntosh S4
Scott Jenkinson S4

Report by L. Hamilton


S4 pupils have had the opportunity to go on work experience during the last fortnight. The placements ranged from a residential week with the army to a single day out with a school's music instructor. Pupils who did not go on work experience had the chance to do an Employability course with Careers Scotland.

Report & pictures by Lesley Hamilton

Session 2007/2008                           Enterprise in School


On Monday 26 th November all S1 pupils took part in an interactive enterprise challenge on Litter and Recycling. Pupils worked in teams to form ‘marketing companies' for the day and were asked to come up with a campaign to tackle the growing problem of litter and waste. The companies created a poster, a slogan, a badge and a presentation which outlined the problem and the reasons why their company should be employed to implement their campaign. Rather than teachers coming up with the best campaign, pupils were the judges and scored the companies under various criteria. Apart from learning about litter, recycling and waste; pupils enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Report by Lorna MacInnes, Enterprise Development Officer, EAC.


Fifth Gear involved the whole of S5 in an enterprise event. The aim was to design car templates in such a way that the buyers would purchase your company's product rather than the other 11 companies. The company who made the most money was the winner. The S6 Events Working Group also took part and in fact raised the most money but since it was a S5 competition.......... they got the glory, See picture of S6. The competition for S5 was tied and the winning group was decided by Brian Chapman beating Mark Rodger to the winning post by collecting the most group letters. The winning group are pictured at work and with the advisers who are business people who very kindly came to help us. A big thank you to them and to the Ayrshire Chamber who arranged for them to come. Thanks too to Lorna MacInnes (Enterprise Development Officer) Sharri Parker, Annette Ainsworth, Natalie Sinclair, David Elliott. Scott Paterson and Iain Hendry who did the sound and took the photographs. Biggest thanks of all to Carol Armstrong whose organisational skills are not "Fifth Gear" but "Top Gear"!

Report by Lesley Hamilton


 S4 pupils - Erin McKenzie, Lyndsey Templeton, Lauren Conway, Fraser Kerr, David Don and Lewis Campbell  took part in the national enterprise competition "Make Your Mark", They did very well and were the only  Ayrshire representatives at the regional final at Hampden Park, Glasgow, where they made their  presentation . Thanks to Miss Templeton in the English dept for preparing the pupils and travelling to  Glasgow with them.

 S5 girls - Ola Smith, Lauren Eyre. Claire Wilson, Ashleigh Lindsay and Laura Mack took part in the East  Ayrshire enterprise challenge. They were runners up despite making the most money. Well done girls! Mr  McGougan and Miss Christie travelled to Prestwick with the team.

 Report by Lesley Hamilton


Kilmarnock Academy held its own motivational Question Time for 6th year pupils recently. The panel was made up of former pupils who have been successful in their professional lives in a number of ways. The pupils were invited to ask questions in an attempt to find out the way to success.

The panel was Helen Sayles formerly of Fenwick who is now vice president of Liberty Mutual Assurance, a large American company, and she is based in Boston. Bill McGregor, originally from Newmilns, is a former Head Teacher of James Hamilton Academy and currently the secretary of the Head Teachers Association of Scotland. Alan Rober tson is well known for his many appearances for Kilmarnock Football Club where he is now the youth development officer . In another life, he was a Chartered Accountant. Claire Cunningham has forged a successful career for herself as an ariel dancer . She is a trained singer and has turned her talents to acting and dancing despite using crutches. Craig Conway is the youngest member the panel and is a professional footballer with Dundee United Football Club. He described his best moment as being the recent match when Dundee United played Barcelona .

Each member of the panel told of different paths to their current career. They also described some of the set backs and rejections they had encountered and received. W ithout exception, all said determination to succeed was the driving force to achievement and to learn from mistakes and move on . Nowadays, there are many routes to success and the secret is never to give up.

Report by Lesley Hamilton

PT Vocational Education and Enterprise

Enterprise in Education

We are trying to develop skills, attitudes, values and the way pupils think. Scotland has a history of enterprising individuals eg James Watt, Alexander Graham Bell and our own Sir Alexander Fleming.

In Kilmarnock Academy, we are attempting to promote and nurture the type of thinking which will inspire our pupils to have the belief and determination to follow through their ideas, to take risks and understand how to live and work in today's constantly changing world.

L. Hamilton

Mrs Hamilton was appointed PT Enterprise in June 2005

Contact school Enterprise:

e-mail : schoolenterprise@kilmarnockacademy.co.uk

tel: 01563 525509


Session 2006/2007                            Enterprise in School

Global Achievers

Here are some of the senior pupils who have volunteered for the Global Achievers enterprise group. We are twinned with Troup County High School, La Grange, Georgia, USA. Our first task is to form our company and try and make it profitable.


We plan to import American produce to sell in Kilmarnock Academy and to export Scottish produce for the Georgian group to sell in their school in Le Grange.   The group is made up of  S4/5 and 6 boys and girls who have all taken on  responsibilities and positions within the group and will be organising the sales of products in our school soon (hopefully for Christmas market). 

We are still recruiting new members and meet on Thursday lunchtimes in A9.  The global achievers website is www.globalachievers.org and has links to our link school website in the USA .

For more info. Contact Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Snodgrass or Mr Carrigan

Business Dynamics - June 2006

Pupils making their presentations on their business idea.
Ryan Gilmour, Jamie Fleming, jamie Young, Graeme Boye, Jonathan Gough, Ross Jarvie.
Rachel Gemmell, Rachel McCartney, Amanda McGuffog, Denise Rodger, Alison Cochrane.
What is Jamie Young representing in his group's presentation?

Work Experience - September 2006

S4 pupils were out on work experience over two weeks in September 2006. In many cases, it was the first opportunity to try the world of work. Some pupils will have discovered what they want to do when they leave school, others will return to school determined to work harder to avoid the kind of work they sampled on work experience. No matter what, it has been a learning experience.

All the employers visited were delighted with their Kilmarnock Academy "employees" .

Craig Boyle at First Stop Builders Merchants
Callum Buchanan at Arnold Clark
Laura Mack at Loanhead PS
Simon Robertson at JH Donald
William Shaw at Stylo Barrett Shoe Shop
Gary Littlejohn at Burton Menswear
David Wilson at Stagecoach offices