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The Celebrating Success Tea Party - November 30th 2006

 On the afternoon of Thursday, 30th November, Kilmarnock Academy staged the Celebrating Success Tea  Party. The purpose of the event was to recognize just some of the hard work put in by staff and pupils as well  as to highlight some of the success stories from within Kilmarnock Academy. The event was hosted by KA's  answer to Mick Fleetwood & Sam Fox: Mr Kerr and Mrs Ford. As well as being attended by visitors from  outwith the school, the event was attended by many members of staff who were attracted by the free (and  very successfully baked) scones, cakes, meringues and biscuits.

The List of Awards is laid out below and further down the page there are twenty photographs of the event.

          The Celebrating Success Tea Party

          Programme & List of Awards


Music by Graeme Sharpe and Liam Baillie


Introduction Mrs Ford


Musical Item Senior Choir


Participating in the Woodstock Group

Laura Meek

Natalie Plenderleith

Erin McKenzie

Amanda Kelly

Jade McWilliams

Kimberely Dick

Nicole Sharpe

Sianna Latif

Stephanie McMahon

Becky Muldoon

Lauren Paini

Sophie O'Neil

Louise Fitzsimmons

Lisa Craig

Nicole Richmond

Ashleigh Peebles

Louise McCristall

Sophie Donnelly







Most money collected bag packing at Asda

Tammy McWilliams

Claire Wilson


Winning team - U/14 Football Kilmarnock District Cup

David McPike

Graham Sharpe

Neil Scoular

Duncan Hart

Cameron Blair

George Thomson

Reece Doogan

Gary Cochrane

Scott Russell

Jordan Ryan

Rhys Lindsay

Robert Scott

Christopher Harrigan

Alistair Curry

Gary Robertson




Mr McIlvanney (Website) Mrs Hamilton (Bag packing) Dr Neilson (Holocaust Memorial)

Mrs Stables (European Day of Languages) Mr McCormick (Physics Adv H pupil)


Enterprising Maths

Scott Jenkinson

Casey McDaid

Dawn Carroll

Scott Crawford


Round Table Quiz winner

Lesley Roy

Grant Moffat

Greg Walkinshaw

Aimee Parnaby



Johnny Miller

Graham Black

Taylor McInroy

Laura Mack

Brian Chapman

Jarayd Bolland

Ola Smith

Aimee Fulton

Leigh Mills

Stephanie Russell











ASBO poster and D.V.D. cover winner

Naomi Jamieson

Jessica McGlynn

Gemma Stuart


The Graffiti Project (Underpass)

Kimberly McAllister

Hayley Mullen


Christmas Card competition

Ailie McKnight


Perfect attendance


Musical item

Rock Band


Eco club

Maxine MacDonald

Natalie Sharpe

Vicki Butcher

Ross Sharpe

Scott Dobson

Gavin Spence

Sean Francis

Chloe Scott


Stephanie Rae


Geography newsletter

Fraser Kerr

Rebecca Handling

Graeme Sharpe


European Day of Languages

Amy Bromley


Choir on European Day of Languages - performed 3 times am, pm and evening

Johnny Stubbington

Ben Podger

Josh Cuthbertson

Christy Asghar

Gavin Callaghan

Rachel Black

Blair McMillan

Kimberlee Hodgart

Chelsea Clark

Simone Walker

Marty McKean

Kendal Blair

Neil Thomson

Zoe Sloan




Jewellery work

Danielle Rankin

Sylvia Matheson

Lynsey Weadon

Amanda McGuffog


East Ayrshire Art Exhibition

Scott Howie

Louise Mitchell 5B1

Library work

Denise Rodger


East Ayrshire Readers Cup and Library Competition

Lewis Campbell


Asdan Gold Awards

Mark Rodger

Sarah Calderwood


Prince's Trust member of the month

Kerry-Ann Wilson


Outstanding effort

Jeff Sloan

Tina Doran

Louise Bircham


European Day of Languages, Creativity and Industry

Johanna Tudhope



Mr Monachan, Mr Ramsay, Mr Richardson (Triple P'), Mrs James, Mrs Walton (Eco Club),

Mrs Lighrbown (), Mr Rigg (ASBO D.V.D.), Mr O'Brien (Football Team),

Mr Stewart ( Enterprise Craft), Mrs Hogg (Yearbook), Mr Cowan, Mr McDougall (Mini Trial)

Musical Item

Jazz Band


Fundraising for Yorkhill and Presentation of cheque to Yorkhill

Amanda Conway

Nikki Fullerton

Emma Gordon

Laura Green

Leigh Mills

Lauren Conway

Steven Anderson

Craig Ross


Closing remarks

Mrs Ford


Musical item for departure from hall

Graeme Sharpe and Liam Baillie