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Head Teacher Mrs C Ford
Depute Head Teacher Mr G Kerr
Depute Head Teacher Mrs A Hollywood

If you wish to contact any of the above then please phone (01563) 525509 and ask for an appointment.

If you wish to give a reason for a child's absence or lateness send a note with the pupil of telephone the School Office. The message will be passed on.

We will invite you to parents' evenings so that you can discuss your son or daughter's progress with the staff.

We will also send you Progress Reports on your child's performance in school.

We will contact you, either by phone or letter if problems arise concerning your child's progress or welfare.


We make every effort to maintain a full educational service, but on some occasions circumstances arise which lead to disruption. Schools may be affected by, for example, severe weather, dislocation or transport, power failures or difficulties in fuel supply. In such cases, we shall do all we can to let you know about the details of closure and re-opening. We shall keep you in touch by using letters, notices in local shops and community centres, announcements in local churches and announcements in the press and local radio - as well as on this website.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school by phone or call in person if you feel a matter is important.