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In this section of our school website we aim to make it easy for you to pursue existing interests and to discover new ways of spending your leisure time.

- The A to Z of Leisure - Many of you won't have a great deal of leisure time.  Many  parents, for example, seem to spend most of their time dropping off and collecting kids  from their  leisure activities. Also, most of you who live in the area will be aware of most of the  leisure options  available locally. However, just in case you do find the time and just in case you  are not aware of what  is available both locally and beyond, then here are some suggestions for  you. I have selected a range of  links to a variety of hobbies, pastimes and activities that will  enable you to keep boredom at bay. Here  you will find everything from top tips on DIY and  organizing your finances, to advice on gardening and  watercolour painting techniques.

 LEISURE - K.A. Music Club will be online soon. Whether you are a strummer or a picker, there is a whole range of  interesting stuff here. Incidentally, we have a demo competition which is open to pupils, their  parents,  former pupils and even former staff. Check it out.


Here is a fair range of activities to get you started on the path to fascination and fulfilment. Each activity listed has a useful link to a website dealing with that topic. To get more links and more information, go to a search site such as http://www.google.com, type in the activity in which you are interested and hit return/go/search.

Abseiling - Find out about abseiling by clicking the link.
Acting -
Aerobics - Aerobics
Antiques - Antiques
Archaeology - Archaeology
Archery - The Beginners' Guide to Archery
Architecture - Architecture, engineering and construction
Aromatherapy - Aromatherapy
Art - Art
Arts & Crafts - Art & Craft Workshops abroad
Astrology - Astrology Astrology & Beliefs Horoscope Sites
Astronomy - Astronomy Jodrell Bank Observatory, AstronomyAstronomy with binoculars and small telescopes
Athletics - Kilmarnock Harriers.
Badminton - Badminton
Baking - Baking
Baseball - Baseball
Basketball - Basketball
Bass Playing - Bass - ActiveBass.com
Bee Keeping - Beekeeping websites
Befriending - Befriending Network Scotland
Beliefs - Strange - The Skeptic's Dictionary
Belly Dancing - Belly Dancing Classes, Belly Dance Scotland, Joy of Belly Dancing.
Biorhythms - Biorhythms Daily Biorhythms - Check your Biorhythm (Biorythm) Biorhythm Readings - free
Bird Watching - Birdwatching links UK Bird watching holidays in Scotland
Blokarting - Another Planet
Bonsai - Bonsai - An Introduction
Bowls - bowlsclub.info - the worldwide directory of bowls clubs and lawn bowls links Bowls - Ayrshire Bowling Association
Boxing - Kilmarnock Amateur Boxing Club
Brass Rubbing - Brass Rubbing
Cake Decoration - Cake Decorating Guide
Callanetics - Callanetics Studio of Chicago,
Calligraphy - Calligraphy, Chinese Calligraphy, The Calligraphy Directory.
Camping - Camping Advice for Beginners, Wild Camping, Camping in Scotland
Canoeing -
Canoeing - Scottish Canoe Association. Inaugurated in 1939

Car Maintenance - Car Maintenance for Beginners
Carpentry - Geoff's Woodwork, Wood B Crafts.
Car Restoration - My Classic Car Restoration
Cats - Cats Protection Uk,
Ceramics - Ceramics & Firing Tips
Charity Work -
Chess - Chess is Fun, Free Internet Chess Server, Chess Cafe, BCM Chess Shop.
Cinema - Cinema, Cinema Sites, The Odeon Kilmarnock, Film History by Decade, Cinema History.  
Circuit Training - The Galleon Centre,
Clay Pigeon - Scottish Clay Pigeon Shooting, Cats Info
Climbing - About Climbing, Climbing - Scotland,
Coaching - Tomorrow's Heroes
Collecting -
Competitions - Ellen's Competition Site, Loquax UK.
Computing - ZD Net, Computer World, Computer Shopper, PC World.
Cooking - K.A. Food & Diet page
Cosmetics - Cosmetics and Health
Cribbage - Cribbage
Cricket - UK Cricket Directory, The home of cricket on the internet
Croquet - Croquet sets for sale, UK Croquet directory.
Crosswords - Crossword Puzzles,
Curling - Curling in Scotland, Curling weekend breaks.
Cycling - Wallacehill Cycling Club, Ayrshire Paths, Walker's Cycling.
Dancing - BBC Strictly Come Dancing, Dance Web UK.
Darts - World Darts Federation, Scottish Darts Association.
DIY - The BBC DIY page, The Big Project.
Dogs - The Scottish Kennel Club, Dog Training Review, Dog Breed Directory.
Dominoes - Dominoes
Drama - Drama
Dressmaking -
Driving - Advice on Driving Tests, Advanced Driving, Driving Days
Drums - Premier, Modern Drummer
Eating Out - Restaurant Guide by Area, Glasgow West End, Veggie Heaven.
Embroidery - Embroidery.com,
Evening Classes - Kilmarnock College
Fashion -
Fencing -
First Aid -
Fishing -
Fish Ponds and Aquatic Features -
Flower Arranging -
Football -
Further Education - BBC Learning,
Gardening -
Gliding - The Scottish Gliding Centre,  Into the blue - glider flights.
Go Karts - The Garage - Kilmarnock
Golf - Ayrshire Golf Courses, Golf - tips on improving your game
Guitar -
Gymnastics - Gymnastics
Hairdressing -
Hill-Walking -
History -
Horses - BHS Scotland, Scottish Riding Schools, World of Horses
Ice Hockey - The Galleon Centre - Kilmarnock,
Ice Skating - The Galleon Centre - Kilmarnock,
Interior Design -
Jam Making -
Jewellery Making -
Jogging -
Joinery -
Judo -
Juggling -
Karate -
Keyboards -
Kick Boxing - Kick Boxing
Knitting - About Knitting,
Landscaping - Landscaping Ideas,
Languages - Kilmarnock College, 
Lawn Games - Lawn Games
Line Dancing - The Galleon Centre,
Literature -
Local History - Ayrshire History, Ayrshire Villages, Ayrshire Roots
Magic - Magic Directory, Magic for beginners
Mah Jong - Mah Jong
Martial Arts -
Mentoring - Work With Us - Scotland,
Metal Detection - How Metal Detectors Work, National Council for Metal Detecting
Modelling -
Mosaic - Mosaic
Music - K.A. Music Links,
Netball -
Orienteering -
Origami - Origami Diagrams, Origami Projects, Origami for Beginners,
Paintball -
Pen Pals -
Pets -
Photography - Webshots is a great site,
Pilates - The Galleon Centre,
Play Station -
Poetry - Your on-line Poetry Library,  Beginners' Guide to Writing Poetry,
Politics -
Pony Trekking -
Public Speaking - Tips on Public Speaking,
Quad Bikes -
Quantum Physics - Working Minds,
Rambling -
Reading -
Religion -
Rocket Science - Guide to Model Rockets, NASA Rocket Science,
Rowing -
Rugby -
Running -
Sailing -
Sauna/Steam Room/Jacuzzi - The Galleon Centre,
Sightseeing -
Singing -
Skateboarding -
Skiing -
Slimming Classes - 
Snooker -
Songwriting -
Squash -
Stained Glass -
Stamp Collecting -
Strange Beliefs -
Sub Aqua -
Sunbeds - The Galleon Centre,
Swimming - The Galleon Centre,
Table Games - Table Games
Tai Chi - The Galleon Centre,
Tennis -
Ten Pin Bowling - The Garage Kilmarnock, Bowling in Scotland.
Theatre - K.A. English Dept page
Toning Suite - The Galleon Centre,
Traditional Board Games - Traditional Board Games
Traditional Pub Games - Traditional Pub Games
Trainspotting -
Trampoline -
Tree Planting -
Triathlon -
Volleyball -
Voluntary Work - Volunteer Development Scotland
Walking -
Water Sports -
Web Design -
Wildlife - Wildlife in Scotland, Scottish Wildlife Trust, SSPCA.
Wine Making - Scottish Amateur Winemakers
Writing -
Xylophones -
Yoga - Yoga Scotland, The Galleon Centre
Zoology -

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