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Here in the HEALTH & FITNESS section of our school website we aim to make it easy for you to extend your knowledge  of all aspects of Health & Fitness and to discover some of the ways in which you can pursue a fit and active  life. (The idea is NOT that you get fit sitting in front of your computer!)


 INFORMATION - Local Activity Groups and Locations - Here you can find information and  contacts for a range of low-cost/ high-satisfaction local activities.

 INFORMATION - Fit for Life - Here I have selected some practical links that will help you to get  into shape and defy the demoralising effects that time and gravity bring to bear on the human  body.

 INFORMATION - First Aid - Save this page to your favourites folder and you will have constant  access to how to cope in the event of an accident or emergency. Of course, you could always  go one better and study the contents of this site, so that if an accident happens when you are  out and about you will already know how to deal with it.

 INFORMATION - Health Issues - Here I have selected a range of really useful and informative  links on a range of health issues including dealing with stress, causes and types of headaches,  smoking, men's health and women's health. In addition, there are links to sites dealing with  alternative remedies and treatments.

 Left click on the text link and the site will open in a new window.


Outdoor Pursuits Scotland Directory - This site completely does away with the "There's nothing to do" excuse. It suggests a wide range of outdoor activities for you to engage in, ranging from the cheap to the free (...and there goes the "I can't afford it" excuse.) And while you are deciding what to do, you can investigate a huge range of Scottish sports links.
Walking World - Although this site has an annual subscription, it does have some free walks and covers more routes than your legs will ever manage. If you are bored with going to the same old places then here you will find some great routes and locations throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK.
Ayrshire Paths - As you may not always have the time to venture further afield in your pursuit of the great outdoors, this site provides you with some interesting walking and cycling paths within Ayrshire.
The Galleon Centre, Kilmarnock - The Galleon caters for a wide range of fitness activities and this site provides useful information on these, such as times and prices of classes and activities.
Kilmarnock Harriers - The
Harriers cater for all athletes young and old, beginners to internationalists. Whether you just want to stay fit or compete at the highest level they have qualified coaches who instruct a number of training groups including, junior athletes, jogging groups , road and hill running sections and specialist coaching groups for endurance and sprints. Kilmarnock Fitness Centre - The Kilmarnock Fitness Centre is based at Rugby Park and has a great range of facilities to help you keep fit and feel good.
Wallacehill Cycling Club - Wallacehill CC is a long established Scottish club based in Kilmarnock and is home to the successful Team Active Office.
Kilmarnock Amateur Boxing Club - Kilmarnock A.B.C. has been running at its present site in Kirkton Road, Onthank since 1985, albeit under the name of Northwest A.B.C. until 2002. Find out more by visiting their web site.
Cluarankwai Judo Club - The Cluarankwai Judo Club was established by Ted Routley, a student of the Budokwa, in 1951. Since the club started they have produced 34 Dan Grades, 11 BJA Coaches (8 still take classes at Cluarankwai), 10 personal safety advisors; 2 referees and 6 table officials as well as Scottish and British Internationalists.

COUNSELLING The purpose of the site is ultimately to provide the UK with a huge counselling support network, enabling those in distress to find a counsellor close to them and appropriate for their needs. This is a free, confidential service that will hopefully encourage those in distress to seek help.

Get in Shape - This site not only provides information and guidance on many different forms of exercise but also deals with related issues such as motivation and what to look for when buying exercise equipment.
Get Fit Fast - This is an excellent site that provides detailed instructions and diagrams on how to get fit fast without having to go to a gymn or splash out on expensive equipment.
The Yoga Site - "An eclectic collection of yogic connections." I'll go along with that definition!
Martial Arts in the UK - A wide selection of martial arts links including advice on fitness and self-defence.

WOMEN - Women's Health - Patient UK - This site has a simple and user-friendly front page which lists an extensive range of women's health topics. To find out more about UK sources of information and support for any given topic or ailment, you just click on the relevant text link.
WOMEN - Women's Health Interactive - This site aims "to help you gain mastery of your personal health, act as a catalyst for behavioral change, and promote a healthier lifestyle through knowledge, growth and action."
WOMEN - Women's Health Information Centre - This site has a wide range of articles and features on current issues relating to women's health.

MEN - Men's Health - Patient UK - This site has a simple and user-friendly front page which lists an extensive range of men's health topics. To find out more about UK sources of information and support for any given topic or ailment, you just click on the appropriate text link.
MEN - Men's Health Forum Scotland - This site is a "virtual reference library" on men's health.
MEN - BBC Men's Health - This is a well-organised and extensive source of views and information on men's health.
MEN - Men's Health - This site provides you with loads of frequently asked questions pertaining to men's health. It also has a search facility which allows you to find the questions and answers that concern you more easily.

HEBSWEB - This is the site of the Health Education Board for Scotland and, as such, provides information and support on issues which are of particular concern in Scotland.
SMOKING - Quit Smoking Information - This site has a huge range of articles and advice yo help you quit smoking.
SMOKING - The Smoker's Guide to Vitamins and Health - This page has a sample chapter from a book on this topic and in the top left corner of the page you will find links to many resources aimed at helping you to quit smoking.

STRESS - Mind Tools - How to Master Stress - "This stress management section of Mind Tools shows you how to survive and thrive under the intense stress that comes with a challenging career." Well....that's what it says on the tin.
STRESS - Stress Reduction - This covers a fascinating range of stress sources, from age-related stress to "coping with the stress of terrorism and global events". That's got to be worth a look!
STRESS - Stress Advice - Here you can find ten clear-cut rules or strategies for "wildly effective stress management". Sounds nice and simple.

HEADACHES - Life Beyond Headaches - This site has a really useful section on identifying different types of headaches and how to ease the symptoms.
HEADACHES - Relief From Chronic Tension Headaches - Here you can find out all you need to know about tension headaches in order to understand them, their causes and, hopefully, the key to avoiding them in future.


First-Aid - This site presents a clear list of accidents/ailments, their symptoms and how to treat them.
On-line Medical Dictionary - If you have ever wondered what some of those unpronouncable diseases and ailments actually involve then this is your chance to find out .... if you can spell them, that is!
Feeling Healthy BBC Online - This site is a sort of cross between an encyclopedia and a magazine with its reference sections and its current topics/articles. It's well worth a browse.

Homeopathy - This site has a reference section on homeopathy as well as a directory of contacts, non-commercial websites and suppliers of homeopathic medicines and treatments.
Detox Menu - Long-lasting natural health - Here you can learn about the sort of symptoms you can expect to experience when you either go on a detoxifying routine or when you significantly upgrade your diet. It also points out the health benefits that will make it all worthwhile.
The Guide to Aromatherapy - Here you can find out about some of the history and basics about aromatherapy. It also provides an extensive guide to the essential oils and their uses.
Home of Reflexology - The Home of Reflexology provides details of Reflexology Organisations together with information on reflexology and other reflexology related links.
Natural Headache Treatments - This site provides for those headache sufferers who are uneasy about the automatic response of reaching for a packet of tablets. It suggests that "there can be better ways of dealing with headaches than taking a pill".
Natural Treatments Headaches - This site points out that headaches occur as a symptom of a wide variety of conditions, including colds and flus, PMS, allergies, and digestive problems. It also suggests some natural treatments for many different types of headache.

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