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Elaine McCulloch                     1991 - 1997                                         Chicago

Tues, 14 Feb 2006


I must echo the congratulations on the new website, it is fantastic! Hopefully we will be able to build up the former pupil info, I will send it to all I know. I particularly enjoyed the old haunts, a million memories came flooding back with just a few pictures, so fun! Days spent in the PE area playing hockey, volleyball or whatever sport it happened to be at that time, or having our packed lunches in Mr McIlvanney's English classroom and then braving the dangerous academy stairs to go "down the street"!! Doing pottery in the dungeon of the old tech and fighting to keep the old tech open, I still have my "Save KA" badge somewhere!. Aah the good old days!

As for me, My name is Elaine McCulloch (KA 1991-1997) and I now live in Chicago, Illinois. I moved to London to go to Uni (De Montfort University - Bedford) where I got my degree in Secondary Education - Physical Education and Mathematics. There is no coincidence that those were my chosen specialties as the most influential teachers in my career at KA came from those classes; Mr Taylor, Mr Ferguson, Mr Nisbet, Mrs Bailey (Math) Mrs Miller, Mr Howie, Mr Kerr, Mr Richardson and Mrs Hamilton (PE). So I give them credit for my choice of career although I am sure some of my students would like to blame them for it!!

Straight from University (2001) I moved stateside, having been recruited by Major League Soccer to work in their youth development program. I spent 4 years working primarily with the Chicago Fire but had brief spells with the Los Angeles Galaxy, San Jose Earthquakes and the New England Revolution. So I have been privileged to travel and enjoy many of the states of America, last count was 20 states! I am now in my second year with the Wellness (PE) Department at the Illinois Math and Science Academy. It is a residential school for gifted kids in the areas of Math, Science and Technology and I love the school. Mostly I love that I get to coach Volleyball all year round! It was also a gateway into two major professional achievements: becoming a part-time lecturer at Aurora University for their School of Physical Education and Health and becoming a volleyball coach at the University of Illinois.

Both my brother Iain (KA 1993) and Alan ( KA 2000) both now live with their their respective girlfriends in Glasgow (Iain) and Kilmarnock (Alan). Alan's girlfriend is actually a former KA survivor, Angela Brett (1998). To be honest we all feel like we've never left because every time we talk to our mum (Helen McCulloch, DMR Clerical Assistant, KA) we get all the school news! I must take this opportunity to thank all of my teachers, particularly Mrs Kulma (for making history exciting!) Mr Sheridan (for letting us to do fun experiments in Chemistry!) Mr Herbert (who knew Geography could be that fun?!?) Mr McMeekin ( for his expert German advice and his guidance and the hours spent talking footie!) Mr McDonald (If I become half the teacher he was, I'll count myself very lucky!) Mr Wylie (amazing how we passed computing studies when mostly all we did was make fun of Ayr United!!) and finally Mr Donnelly (you scared us to death but we respected you for what it taught us!) Truly, to you and my fellow pupils at KA, thanks for the memories, good and bad, they made me who I am today!

Finally, I leave you with my most favorite memory at KA. June 1997, when the then chairman of Kilmarnock Football Club came to school and brought with him the recently won Tennets Scottish Cup. The school was a sea of blue and white, the noise level was unbelievable ( even the teachers were getting involved) such a show of unity within the school is something I had rarely seen during my six years at KA and being a die hard Killie fan is something I will never forget! Come on the Killie!!


Total Area
56,345 sq mi
145,934 sq km
12,419,293 (2000 census)
Major Cities
Chicago (2,721,547), Rockford (143,531), Aurora (116,405), Springfield (112,921), Peoria (112,306) (July 1996 est.)
Highest Point
Charles Mound
1,235 feet
376 meters
Income per capita (US$)
machinery, food processing, chemicals, electrical equipment, printing and publishing, fabricated metal products
corn, soybeans, hogs, beef cattle, milk, wheat
Natural Resources
coal, petroleum, crushed stone, sand and gravel, lime, zinc