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 Some Tips on Classroom  Management from the SMT:

 1. Focus on positive behaviour first -  catch your pupils being good. Make  an effort to praise them for the  things they do right.

 2. Intentional ignoring - acknowledge  those who behave well, and ignore  those who are displaying minor bad  behaviour.

 3. Positive cueing - on-task pupils  who are sitting near off-task pupils  can be targeted in order to cue-in the  misbehaving pupils. The closer  children are to one another the more  successful this strategy is likely to  be.

 4. Tone of voice - Try not to shout!  When all else fails stay calm and  repeat your instructions clearly and  firmly. Most pupils find it difficult to  respond to a teacher who shouts all  the time.

 5. Rule reminders- always refer to  your code of conduct. It not only  focuses pupils on how to behave in  the classroom, but also provides you  with some form of backup when  asserting your authority.

 6. Positive directions - it is more  effective to say what you want pupils  to do rather than focus on what they  are not doing. Redirect their attention  to the instructions you have given.

 7. Using questions - casual  questions to an individual can  refocus them on the task without  giving too much attention to  inappropriate behaviour.

 8. Using carrots - encourage pupils  with rewards for appropriate  behaviour in the classroom.

 9. Make sanctions clear- give pupils  choices of either returning to on-task  behaviour or dealing with  consequences.
 10. Back-up — remember to follow  up your sanctions quickly and  effectively, informing and asking for  advice from appropriate staff  members. Work as a team.

New Faces

Since 2004 there have been many new faces among the teaching staff at Kilmarnock Academy. On this page you can see most of them.

             AT K.A.

         Sept. 2011

(....plus some staff who were with us last session but have not yet been featured here.

         Photos by Holly Jarvie S6

    Miss Ambler (Mod. Languages)

            Miss Milligan (PE)

             Ms Wallace (Art)

              Mr McClurg (IT)

             Mrs Conroy (HE)

         Mrs Johnstone (Physics)

        Mr Tickner (Technician)

             Mrs Aird (Reception)


             AT K.A.

         Sept. 2010

         (Photos by Euan Smith S6)

       Ms McLeish (Geography)

         Ms Hampson (Music)

             Ms Chester (Art)

              Mr Steven (PE)

   Ms Rogerson (Business Studies)

New Faces - August 2009

Mr McMenamin - Art

Miss Delvigne - Mod. Lang.

Mr Rowe - Tech.

Miss MacDonald - H.E.

Mr King - English

Miss James - Geography

Mr Sutton - English

Mr Sproul - Physics

Mr Burns - Mod. Lang.

New Faces - August 2008

Ms MacInnes - ICT Bus. Studies

Mr Christie - PT Physics

Miss Brown - English

Mr Murray - Physics

Ms Lamont - Home Economics

Mr Maider - Biology

Mrs Woods - ICT Bus. Studies

Mrs Cairney - Classroom Assistant

Ms Couture - French Assistant

Picture Removed by Request

Mr Neilson-Bell - RE

Mr Patterson - PE

New Faces - August 2007

Mr Kirkland - PT Technical Ed.

At the end of June, Mr Deane Monachan left as Principal Teacher of Technical to take up a new post as Head of Design in Hamilton Grammar.
We wish him (as well as the staff and pupils of Hamilton Grammar) good luck and thank him for everything he has contributed to Kilmarnock Academy.

Our new PTS, Technical Education, is Mr J Kirkland. We welcome him and the other new members of staff to K.A. and hope they enjoy their time here.

Mr McGougan - Technical Ed.

Miss Irvine - French

Mr Lang - Geography

Miss Christie - Biology

Mr Campbell - Technical Ed.

Miss Rintoul - Biology

New Faces - August 2006

Mr Bryden - PE

Miss Templeton - English

Mr McDougall - Mod. St.

Mrs Walton - Science

Mr Mackay - Mod. Studies

Mrs James - Biology

Mr Kilpatrick - French

Miss Anderson - PT Learning Supp.

Mr Carrigan - Maths

Mrs Neilson-Bell - RE

Mr Hughes
Temporary in English/LS

Mrs Ranton - Home Econ.

Mrs Bryden
Temporary in English

New Faces - August 2005

Mr Cornyn - English

Miss Paton - Technical

Mr Kerr - Modern Studies

Miss Cairns - Maths

Miss Purdie - History

Miss McKee - Art

Miss Wallace - Mod. Lang.

Mrs Nicolson - Mod. Lang.

Mrs Lyon - Geography

Mrs McDonald - Reception

New Faces  2004 - 2005

Mrs Lightbown - PT Art

Mr Pettigrew - PT Computing

Mrs Dunsmuir - PT English

Mr McQuiston - Science

Mr Stevenson - R.E.

N. McIlvanney 2011