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Industrial Awareness Day 2009                                                                              

Kilmarnock Academy Industrial Awareness Day 2009

This annual event for all S3 pupils was held on Thursday 5th March. Pupils were split into groups and given tasks to do.
 Each group had two advisers. The Ayrshire Chamber supplied the advisers along with classroom assistants and students currently working in the school.

The first task was to create a poster explaining what they understood by the question “What is Industry?”

Task two was a promotional gift and advertising material for  the “Mini Burger”. This was a popular task and groups showed a lot of creativity and originality here. The groups presented their work to the other groups.

The afternoon session was held in the Assembly Hall. Each group was now a company and the exercise was the “Jot Pad”. Each company had to make a sample, negotiate an order and a price for their product. Then the hard work began as the order had to be manufactured.

Ronnie Gibb, formerly of Diageo, was our chairman for the day. It was his job to award the points for each task. At the end of the afternoon, group K were the winners and each member of the group received a certificate, giving free entry to the Easter Activity Afternoon.

Many thanks to Ronnie Gibb and all the advisers for their help. The staff and pupils appreciate their efforts.

The completed evaluation forms showed the day to have been a great success while offering some good ideas for next year.

Report by L Hamilton